Your new AI Workflow for Growth

Leverage the Value of Artificial intelligence

AI = "Across Industry" 
(Your new distribution imperative)

Al is not a futuristic fantasy. It’s a present reality that is changing the world and creating new opportunities across your company and market.

What's your Team plan?
Where's your AI Agent?

We would love to share what we are learning from over six years helping companies with Sales and Marketing clients of all sizes with Web 3.0 tech like AI and Blockchain. Right now it's best to focus on optimizing your current processes ... Let's call it Web 2.5.

We will discuss how Big Tech (Microsoft, Google, etc.) and entrepreneurs can help you create your AI Agents  -  Copilots, cognitive collaborators, on-demand researchers, advisors, and new functions every day.

Clarity on Why AI:

Ai is already delivering value to accelerate creativity, enhance productivity, and redefine the nature of expertise in every profession.

AI Agents represent you. 

This completely changes your distribution of information and messaging. Their ability to autonomously make purchasing decisions can level the playing field, revolutionizing product marketing and sales strategies.

Your AI Agents will be interacting with your Customer's Agents. You'll need a better bot. 

Read on... But you can also jump in with our overview of options and costs 

Your Next Step - Learn & Share
"Don't try to get ahead, 
just don't get left behind!"

AI is a force multiplier with astounding velocity. Productivity is increasing... and so are insights and ideas from BOTH lessening mundane work AND directly delivering novel ideas from your clever prompts magnified by the assessment of data patterns beyond our human abilities.

The free magic answers from Chat GPT are just the start.

Automation will change your workflows. Yes, people will be spooked... your job is to educate and evolve. To keep up with the fast pace of innovation, you need to empower and incentivize your workforce to iterate your processes - that you don't believe are even broken. Read that again too.

Quantifiable results are astounding and varied, but 20-40% increase in productivity and lowering of costs are regularly disclosed. See insights how Pharma is deploying across divisions that are relevant to all highly integrated and regulated ecosystems (everyone!) with a link to production and cost estimates (re: $100-20k/m).

Your Top-down culture of innovation

Senior leaders must work with their business units to create an incentive structure that rewards teams that increase productivity by a measurable amount (you can set these parameters). In some companies, teams are rewarded with more time off, in others additional compensation has been preferred. This is where sensitive and human-focused leadership can shine

For more, Peter has an exceptionally practical POV about Your AI Wingman: Revolutionizing Your Life by 2028 

Who owns your AI?

Understanding the stewardship of AI within your organization is a vital consideration. Various firms employ diverse strategies, such as appointing an AI Czar or fostering departmental competition, while some wait for AI to seamlessly integrate into their systems.

Remember that AI is just another tool and NOT a differentiator, accessible to anyone for about $30/month.  

Your competitive advantage with AI?

  • Enhanced Sales & Marketing Insights
  • Efficient Production Processes
  • Smarter Conversational Dashboards
  • Value Unlocked from Proprietary Data
  • Insights for Product/Market Fit
  • Evaluation of New Adjacent Markets


Find a group to participate in ... like ours!

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Join like-minded professionals with personality (TM?) for open conversation and access to curated knowledge and introductions, as well as a vibrant community of entrepreneurs, investors, and business owners.

Let's discuss AI options and planning across your 0perations Flywheel ...


Growth Strategy & Actions

(Most of these ideas are excerpts from our MIT Venture Forum Workshop on Sales Leadership).

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