AI Agents for Workflow & Growth

Al is enabling new opportunities across your company and market.
AI is already delivering value to accelerate creativity, enhance productivity, and redefine "expertise" in every profession. 

What's your Team plan?
Where's your AI Agent?

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We discuss how to incorporate tools for your teams from Big Tech (Microsoft, Google, etc.) and clever entrepreneurs. We focus on practical applications and use-cases examples of better workflows across Operations, Sales, and Marketing,  Yes, there will be pro and con debates about Web 3.0 tech like Blockchain. I focus on optimizing your current processes . . . Let's call it Web 2.5.

Our goal is to help each other in our community to keep up and to optimize workflows with these 3 stages:

1) Personal Co-Pilots - The free magic answers from ChatGPT are the new best way to BOTH create and curate content. Get super-powered with these cognitive collaborators, on-demand researchers, and tireless advisors.

2) Answer Bot - From a simple search box on your site, help anyone find what they need thru a personalized chat-guided tour across all your APPROVED, assets, sites, FAQs, and POVs, These are custom Large Language Models that prioritize your content and brand voice.

TIP: Take a Test Spin - Create your own ChatBot ($100/month) with a reliable platform like our friends at CustomGPT - Go to this link and get a month free by using code: ONEMONTHFREE

3) AI Agent Match-maker - Your digital proxy avatar will represent you.  Your AI Agents will be interacting with your Customer's AI Agents. 

This completely changes your distribution of information and messaging. The AI Agent's ability to autonomously make purchasing decisions will reform product marketing and sales strategies.

What's your Team plan?
Where's your AI Agent?

See examples and costs from the Pharma industry that are relevant to all supply chain operations and team management. 

Your competitive advantage with AI?

  1. Enhanced Sales & Marketing Insights
  2. Efficient Production Processes
  3. Smarter Conversational Dashboards
  4. Value Unlocked from Proprietary Data
  5. Insights for Product/Market Fit
  6. Evaluation of New Adjacent Markets
You'll need a better bot.  

Who owns your AI?

Understanding the stewardship of AI within your organization is a vital consideration. Various firms employ diverse strategies, such as appointing an AI Czar or fostering departmental competition, while some wait for AI to seamlessly integrate into their systems.

Remember that AI is just another tool and NOT a differentiator, since it is accessible to anyone for free... or better functions for $20/month.  

Your Top-down culture of innovation

Senior leaders must work with their business units to create an incentive structure that rewards teams that increase productivity by a measurable amount (you can set these parameters). In some companies, teams are rewarded with more time off, in others additional compensation has been preferred. This is where sensitive and human-focused leadership can shine.

Foster a culture of curiosity to experiment and incentivize measurable advancements.

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