Unlocking Compliance Expertise with AI/LLM Services

At NuArca, we deliver tailored services for financial regulatory and compliance teams, leveraging your own private and secure Artificial Intelligence-powered Large Language Model (LLM). Our mission is to help you harmonize human expertise with technological agility.

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Optimize Your Compliance Team's Success:

Our focus is on improving accuracy, reducing workload, and enhancing customer experiences. NuArca specializes in creating custom solutions for banks and financial services, empowering you to manage compliance efficiently across multiple jurisdictions and lines of business.

The Goal: Equip your compliance team with precision-tailored LLM capabilities

At the speed of a prompt, they can access updated insights about market shifts and regulatory changes in line with your products and expertise. This synchronization enables your customers to thrive, ensuring a secure and efficient journey in today's rapidly evolving landscape.

Financial Industry Expertise:

NuArca, based in Boston, comprises proven experts with decades of experience in helping financial service firms. We understand and accommodate the needs of compliance leaders protecting investor-oriented content in a secure private LLM, all while enabling a next-generation artificial intelligence natural language interface for investors.

Collaborators in Driving Productivity and Trust:

More than service providers, we see ourselves as your collaborators in driving productivity and trust across your financial business. Our deep industry expertise spans financial services, regulatory compliance, and capital markets. We believe that the most effective use of LLMs comes from partnering with those who truly understand your unique space.

Tailored Solutions for Financial Excellence:

We focus on enhancing productivity, efficiency, and trust as we deliver integrated professional services and technologies that redefine your capabilities and approach to regulatory compliance. NuArca's advisory support and LLM strategy creation ensure that your team is empowered for resilient compliance success.

A Phased Approach to LLM Strategy:

Our approach involves a strategic, phased journey to harness the power of LLMs for business growth. It starts with executive seminars for LLM strategy and progresses through detailed assessment, proof of concept, design for ongoing optimization, and production-ready delivery.

Positioning LLMs as Collaborative Assets:

We believe that AI-enhancement should amplify human skills and judgment, not replace them. Our Advisory Services are designed to empower your team to excel in their roles by harnessing the potential of LLMs while maintaining precision and responsible usage.

Adapting to the Changing Landscape:

In a rapidly evolving world, we remain dedicated to keeping you at the forefront of LLM capabilities. Our models are continuously trained with relevant financial data, ensuring precision, expanding applications, monitoring, and facilitated regulatory reporting.

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"Now we are not interested in a strategy report on GenAI, we need someone who knows what they are doing and can roll up their sleeves and help us implement."
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