Methods & Models For Business Development


How are you testing and perfecting

customer engagement

and business development

around your Flywheel?

In this 10-point plan, every step demonstrates your "brand" using New Methods and Models as you evolve (#8):

  1. Your Capabilities - List the functions that solve your target market's most significant problems and pain points. Include a commitment to your Mission.
  2. Who Cares? - Obsess over improving the lives of your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) by understanding them. As you create a list, be self-aware and specific on categories and how they might intersect and influence each other. List Industry, sector, job titles, responsibilities, and demographics.  Don't underestimate trust-building from an alignment of psychographics and culture - the riches are in the niches.
  3. Re-Assess While Selling: Don't wait. Reach out. Make calls. Get insights. Position your Brand. Maybe sell something... but research for reality checks to inform all these points.
  4. Market wins Product/Market Fit - Customer goals and needs should lead your Product. Focus more on them than your next cool feature. Ask often, they will usually want a more customized  User Experience (UX).
  5. Unique Value Proposition (UVP) - Develop an accurate, clear, and intriguing (!) statement that differentiates your product benefits from competitors and distractions. Be dramatically convincing and logical on how your Strategic Sweet Spot is the best way to make their lives better.
  6. Start Small and Real - Invite several ICPs into a peer group to discuss industry issues around your product. Feed conversations with insights from your trials and use cases to encourage them to corroborate and collaborate. 
  7. Lead a Movement - Position your company as trusted thought leaders by sharing insights between industry issues, ICP peer reviews, and your solutions. Disclose to differentiate ... share uniquely valuable content, podcasts, influencer interviews, workshops, articles, polls, industry events, and Social posts. Don't just broadcast ... design your community engagement (using a platform?) for interactive participation, incentives, and growth.
  8. Evolve - Prepare to iterate products, methods and models to take advantage of market forces, competitive differentiation, and new technologies like AI, Web3, and Blockchain.
  9. Validate and Scale the Sale - Watch KPIs - customer acquisition cost (CAC), customer lifetime value (CLTV), conversion rates, churn rates, and revenue growth.  Look beyond income metrics ... including customer satisfaction, product adoption, usage patterns, and actual outcomes. These will support your resource investments into the most effective products, deals, marketing communications, tools, sales channels, and referral partner programs at adjacent companies for co-promotions. All these should match each stage of your buyer's journey (when was the last time you flipped your Funnel?)
  10. Internal / External Success - Insist on employee and user feedback loops with training to discover issues and opportunities to support, incentivize, share, and expand by focusing on exceptional customer experiences ... 
... Because proud loyal customers will share testimonials and advocates will evangelize ... when you Lead a Movement - #7.

For inspiration, here are
30 sales model options:
  1. E-Commerce Storefront
  2. User Content Incentives
  3. Freemium content upselling
  4. Live content ticket sales
  5. On-demand payment
  6. Micro pay for JIT solutions
  7. Marketplaces and app stores
  8. AI content ownership revshare
  9. Reseller Partner management
  10. Lead Generation fees
  11. Revenue-Share on Referrals
  12. Outbound human Sales w/ ABM
  13. Inbound "Demand Gen" w/ intent
  14. Call Center Robots vs Humans
  15. Sponsored Promotions
  16. Interactive Advertising
  17. Social Network selling
  18. Gamify Participate to Earn (P2E)
  19. Community Management Services
  20. Member Subscriptions for Access
  21. Paywalls and VIP Levels
  22. Course Curriculum and Training
  23. Meme / Movement Crowdfunding
  24. Donations and Cause Marketing
  25. Greenwashing audits & Fixing
  26. Custom Research
  27. Partner Management Services
And… Integrating all of the above:
   28. Consultation on all these models
         with the (r)evolution to hybrid IRL and Virtual experiences - yeah, what I do.

   29. Programmed Digital Assets (NFTs) - Buy, Earn, Resell, Rent, Show, Co-Earn, etc.

   30. The Co-Ownership Economy... A definition:
Grow your community through web3 enabled revenue sharing to co-produce businesses with your fans, customers, and partners by enabling content sharing and co-earned experiences

Those last 3 can be delivered with the unique customer engagement functions of the new breed of content management platforms... Let's talk about which ones you should try...

Our discussion about your specific options starts with the above Flywheel revolving towards your Customer's Success.
Choose any time...

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