Better Methods = More Models


Across your hybrid (real/virtual)

customer interactions,

what transaction options do you offer

from Commerce

to Connections?

How do you integrate 

your buyer experiences

between marcom machine automation 

and human salesperson?

Do you accommodate

your ecosystem in a single

Marketplace with combinations of:

  1. E-Commerce Storefront
  2. Live content ticket sales
  3. Freemium content with upsell
  4. On-demand payment
  5. Micro pay for access to JIT solutions
  6. Reseller Partner management
  7. Lead Generation fees
  8. Revenue-Share on Referrals
  9. Outbound human Sales w/ ABM
  10. Inbound "Demand Gen" w/ intent
  11. To Call Centers... more humans
  12. Sponsored Promotions
  13. Interactive Advertising
  14. Social Network sales tools
  15. Participate to Earn (P2E) Gamification
  16. Community Management Services
  17. Member Subscriptions for Access
  18. Paywalls and VIP Levels
  19. Course Curriculum and Training
  20. Meme and Movement Crowdfunding
  21. Donations and Cause Marketing
  22. Custom Research
  23. Partner Management Services
  24. Consultation on Everything
And… Integrating all of the above:

   25. NFT Buying/Earning/Reselling/Renting/Showing
   26. The Co-Ownership Economy... a definition:
Grow your community through web3-enabled revenue sharing (from content sharing) to co-produce businesses with your fans, customers, and partners

(Those last two are unique functions of the engagement capabilities with the NuArca Labs Blockchain NFT management platform)

Our discussion about your specific options can start with the simplest "Business Flywheel" revolving around YOUR Customer/Partner Success:

Choose any time...

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