AI Optimized Methods & Models For Business Development

How are you building momentum for
customer engagement
and business development
around your Flywheel?

In the below 10-point Go-To-Market Growth Plan, every step demonstrates the persistent (r)evolution of your brand synchronizing with ⅘proven methods and models

... with an AI spin, of course!

FYI, this is a summary of our last few "AI for Sales Leaders" Workshops - shared here for free to inspire you to join us!

Yes 10 Points is a lot, but read through these highlights to be aware of the most impactful opportunities as you map out your bizdev growth journey. Every point should inspire immediate action with individual prospects (aka the deep ABM = Account Based Marketing)... Some points need ongoing nurturing of your brand positioning.

But first, a quick item about why AI:
You will not be replaced by a robot... You WILL be replaced by a competitor that knows how to dance with them.
Beep. Boop. 

Since Generative AI-powered functions enhance existing workflows and enable new efficient capabilities, everyone's "job" now is to literally play with any of these new AI tools, from this directory, or find a solution match here to miraculously answer questions and create content for your business. 

You will find quick free value from a simple Q&A on ChatGPT - Create more first drafts of any content, deepen research on your clients and prospects, ask your hardest and stupidest questions (Chatti doesn't judge).

To simplify all the AI excitement, there are 3 levels:
  • Personal Assistant - Content and Research
  • Company ChatBot - Answer Desk (LLM-lite)
  • Your New Rep - MatchBot for more relevant alliances


As you see in the above "Flywheel," your goal is Sales ... by building trust with solutions that are easy to buy, deploy, and deliver Customer Success!

We can call the below "Web 2.5" because it will help optimize your current Web 2.0 methods while setting you up for the benefits of Web3 tech and techniques, such as: Blockchain's Crypto, Programmable Tokenization, Decentralization, Smart Contracts, AI Agents, and other nerdy terms that will make a difference on your career, business, and society.

Just remember, AI can increase efficiency, but make time for the authenticity of human interactions and respectful relationships... These are irreplaceable (for now).

1) Your Capabilities?

List the functions that solve your target market's most significant problems and goals. Yes, you are making a promise, so include your Mission Statement (with industry-redefining infographics). Augment your internal capabilities and reassess cooperative and reciprocal Partnership models for previously unattainable growth.

ai! = Interrogate AI Chat Bots to discover and position your offers to market issues and trends.

2) Who REALLY Cares?

Obsess on re-clarifying your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). Be brutally self-aware about your capabilities and compatibilities. Don't underestimate trust-building from an alignment of personality and culture. The right customers accumulate value with positive testimonials, their network of new prospects, etc. Qualify selfishly because the riches are in the niches.

ai! = Dig deep to identify patterns and segment your customers. Patterns are key to planning. Implement AI-powered personalization engines like Dynamic Yield or Optimizely to deliver tailored content and messages to different audience segments at each stage of their buying process.

3) Got Goals?

Define timing and results that match your budget and human resources for brand awareness, product, research, sales lead generation, opt-ins, meetings, deals, etc. Know where you can score KPIs: Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV), conversion rates, churn, and specific sources of revenue growth.  Remember to care enough to look beyond income metrics - including customer satisfaction, product adoption, usage paths of attribution, and actual outcomes.

ai! = Discover trends to enable proactive decision-making with AI report generation tools such as DataRobot or Tableau's Explainable AI can automate reports, optimize campaigns, and personalize marketing efforts to more efficiently increase revenue by improving customer satisfaction. Implement AI-powered budget optimization platforms like Albert or Kenshoo to analyze past performance data and allocate budget to channels with the highest potential for ROI.

4)  Deliver!

- For them to get: Results?  Rewards?  Better process? How are you delivering on their expectations? 

- For you to do: Site content, emails, social posts and comments (like these LinkedIn tips), video sessions, promo/ads, events, ongoing follow-ups!

ai! = Implement AI-driven personalization engines to customize content delivery. Use platforms like Personalize (AWS) or Dynamic Content (Mailchimp) to create personalized experiences for customers. Employ AI-powered content generation tools like Chat GPT and to automate content creation for your Paid, Owned, and Earned collateral.

5) Get Out!

Assess while selling - Don't wait. Reach out. Make calls. Get insights. Ask! Train and support your salespeople to: uncover customer needs, acknowledge competitive gaps, discover strategy ideas, find new prospects, retrieve hot product features, manage partner relationships, educate the market as your brand ambassador, …  and close deals.

Read that again if you want to be reminded about what the best salespeople are doing for you and your customers.

ai! = Offer helpful custom ChatbBts and virtual AI Agent assistants to reach out to potential customers, answer their queries, and provide personalized recommendations. Proactive engagement helps build trust and establishes your brand as attentive and responsive. But ALWAYS have your humans edit and curate!

Create your own ChatBot ($100/month) with a reliable platform like our friends at CustomGPT - use this below link and get a month free.



6) Market wins "Product/Market Fit"

Customer goals and benefits should lead your Product Development. Ask users often ... because they will usually want a better User Experience (UX) for their buying process, and internal team requirements. Your confidence from this alignment will inspire your marcom promotion and momentum.

ai! = Implement AI-powered personalization engines like Dynamic Yield or Optimizely to deliver tailored content and messages to different audience segments. Poll customers using AI sentiment analysis for UX improvements that align with your product development and messaging.   

7) Unique Value Propositions:

Develop accurate, clear, and intriguing (!) statements that differentiate your product benefits from competitors and distractions. Be emotionally logical (go for dramatically convincing!) on how your Strategic Sweet Spot is the best way to make their lives better.

ai! = Set news notifications on competitors and customers.  Get creative with AI-powered brand and sentiment monitoring tools like Brandwatch or Talkwalker. Assess historical patterns for potential scenario planning options.

8) Lead a Movement: 

 - Position you and your company as a trusted thought leader by sharing insights on priority industry issues. Disclose to differentiate! Don't just broadcast, design your community engagement (using an efficient platform like Circle) for interactive participation, incentives, and growth. 

Start small in a good old (new) Think Tank phone/Zoom session with a few, yet diverse, industry peers. This is wider than an Advisory Board. Expand by collaborating with industry experts and influencers. Challenge and incentivize them to discuss insights from trials and use cases that affect your market and reveal adjacent opportunities. See the end of this post for a bonus on leadership.

ai! = Use AI-powered content generation tools to design conversational participation. Test which formats maximize results. Discover the most valuable people by employing AI algorithms to identify ideal matches. Diversify participation with both people who align with your target market and are in adjacent roles.

9) Demand Demand 

 - Marketing that drives intent, not just awareness, will deliver more relevant sales conversations across your direct and partner channels. All your content should match each stage of your buyer's journey (when was the last time you acknowledged your Flipping Funnel?

ai! = Machine learning and AI analytics can combine seemingly disparate data and derive customer insights so interactions can more easily be designed to increase conversions and revenue

10) Internal / External Success

- Listen to your people. Insist on employee and user feedback loops with training for the discovery of issues and opportunities to support, incentivize, share, and expand by focusing on exceptional customer experiences. Tell YOUR CUSTOMER'S STORY (not just yours).

ai! = Get creative with AI-powered brand monitoring tools like Brandwatch or Talkwalker to track brand mentions and sentiment across social media. By automating analysis, you can more efficiently expand your knowledge, fostering a reputation for continuous improvement. AI-powered tools can help gather feedback from employees and users, identify areas for improvement, and enhance customer experiences.
Why? ... 

Because proud loyal customers and employees will share testimonials ...  And advocates will evangelize when you Lead a Movement (#8).

Assess, create, and deliver customer value by optimizing engagement, driving demand, and growing business between more relevant people (and Robot Engines) across new ecosystems and economies.

For inspiration, here are
31 sales model options:

  1. Sell Product/Service E-Com Store
  2. User Content Incentives
  3. Freemium content upselling
  4. Live content ticket sales
  5. On-demand payment Levels
  6. Virtual & Metaverse Events
  7. Micro pay for JIT solutions
  8. Marketplaces and app stores
  9. AI content ownership revshare
  10. Reseller Partner management
  11. Lead Generation fees
  12. Revenue-Share & Referrals
  13. Outbound human Sales w/ ABM
  14. Inbound "Demand Gen" w/ intent
  15. Call Center Hybrid Humanoids
  16. Sponsored Promotions
  17. Interactive content and Ads
  18. Social Network (P2P) selling
  19. Gamify Participate to Earn (P2E)
  20. Community/Partner Management
  21. Member Subscriptions for Access
  22. Course Curriculum and Training
  23. Meme / Movement Crowdfunding
  24. Donations and Causy]e Marketing
  25. Greenwashing Audits & Alternatives
  26. Custom Research (incl AI Prompts)
  27. IP Licensing (incl LLM Bots)
  28. Partner Management Services
And… Integrating all of the above:
   29. Consultation on all these models
         with the (r)evolution to hybrid IRL and Virtual experiences - yeah, what I do.

   30. Smart Contract Programmed Digital Assets are tokenized - So now you can Buy, Earn, Resell, Rent, Show, Co-Earn, etc.
   31. The Co-Ownership Economy... 
Grow your community through web3 enabled revenue sharing to co-produce businesses with your fans, customers, and partners by enabling content sharing and co-earned experiences

Those last 3 can be delivered with the unique customer engagement functions of the new breed of content management platforms... Let's talk about which ones you should try...

Our discussion about your specific options starts with the above Flywheel... And everyone at your company is revolving towards your Customer's Success.
Choose any time...

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