Your Customer Momentum Engine


Your Sales & Marketing departments have a new friend that is aligning the stars of new technology ...

A SaaS platform "Hub" is the friend you need to help harness AI, Web3, and Blockchain. 

Your best friend will have a communication toolset that augments your existing methods with interactive customer engagement, loyalty programs, fun/functional assets, gamified access to exclusive experiences, etc.

The goal is to more efficiently enable your customers to get and share phygital (yeah, I said it) opportunities that grow everyone's reach and revenue. 

This was a theme last week at MIT's AI Forum for Business and, FYI, here is my 2-page summary of a16z's "State of Crypto Report.

The power of 3

These 3 new technologies work together to manage content creation, ownership, and distribution while dynamically matching customer profiles and growing affinity group community participation:
  1. Generative AI = Just a (hugely disruptive) workflow tool for ALL types of content creation and discovering of the most accurate (!) patterns - Faster. Better. Cheaper.
  2. Web3 = A mindset and methods for cooperative business models with community co-earned experiences, P2P liquidity of assets, and equitable revenue sharing.
  3. Blockchain (2.0) = The single distributed ledger has iterated to be the infrastructure platform to ID, manage, and monetize these new content flows and cooperative business models across IRL (including IoT), virtual assets, and the crypto FinTech "Bank Wars."
MikeBot just replied to add this:
"Finally! We have a Web3 infrastructure system to organize, manage, and monetize these and all adjacent technologies and systems... to facilitate and secure organization, management, and monetization ... Decentralized without legacy web2 intermediaries!"

Have You Met Your New Robot?

If you haven't experienced the AI magic, try the chatbot called ChatGPT. Just type in any question. Then add more (and more) clarifying "prompts" to get a better answer. Try it at or play around in the Playground. Check out the latest AI tools at
SO NOW YOU KNOW the hottest programming language in 2023 ... English!  

The fuel for a Momentum Engine is creating content (testing and optimizing) to set up incentives that inspire customers to share feelings and features WHILE they co-earn exclusive experiences ... together.

How are you going to apply AI-generated content as faster fuel for your Customer Momentum Engine?

Your Engine "Hub"

What we all have learned is to leverage tech to make our lives easier. So right about now, in the life cycle of new technologies, is to find a SaaS platform designed to be your "Hub" ... to seamlessly integrate and automate existing workflows, streamlining content creation and distribution options while allowing for flexibility to adapt to customer preferences, changing market conditions, and authentic cultural moments.

Users get their own "Digital Passport" that delivers  communications at the right time and place while accumulating preferences for automated engagement. Here is simplified example:

Building on your Loyalty Programs is correct, but an understatement, because you are enabling business model mechanisms that increase value to foster powerful and expanding economies and revenue... for everyone.

For a deeper dive, see how the Hospitality Industry can deliver more nuanced value to customers and inspire participation across communities.

Network Effect 3.0! (right Bob "Turing" Metcalfe?)

What Next?

Let's talk about how to turn on and up your Momentum Engine.

We will dig into your Business Development Checklist while we set up your friendly Robot Co-Pilot ... to set up your auto-pilot.

I can share real-world examples from a few companies I am learning from, such as:

NuArca Labs - A proven platform to manage customer loyalty experiences that expand into economies by protecting ownership WHILE enabling community P2P liquidity of shared assets and access.

ImpactChain - Unlocking the business value of Sustainability with end-to-endless supply chain traceability and trust to empower the confidence for marketing momentum without Greenwashing.

Circular Labs - This new and improved Distributed Ledger toolset is designed for software integrators and developers who want to harness only the best of multi-blockchain to create interconnected, regenerative value across ecosystems.

Your options are getting better every day.

Choose any time or give me a buzz...



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