It's less "What is Blockchain?"
It's more "What can you do with it?"

Tech definitions get complicated very quickly, no matter what your computer science level. Deep thinking can get in the way of discovering applications that can save you and your business time and money.

Below is a ridiculous (yet accurate) SNL video and lyrics... then a slide deck that attempts to provide The 10 Reasons Why Distributed Ledger Technologies.



[Verse 1: Pete Davidson]
Now, what the hell's an NFT?
Apparently, cryptocurrency
Everyone's makin' so much money
Can you please explain what's an NFT?
I said, what the hell's an NFT?
It's like real-life Monopoly
Everyone's doin' it like Gronkowski
Can you please help me make an NFT?

[Verse 2: Chris Redd & Pete Davidson]
GIFs of Ron Funches eating Lunchables
Or pics of Colin Jost's face, very punchable
Digital images of Digimon doin' scrimmages
Or a pic of a nun with a Nintendo Switch!
Dictionary, with a pic of Fat Jerry
I made it last night and now I got three thousand dollars
And now I can buy me a GIF of Peter Griffin crossin' up all-star ballers who are taller
Look at these if you please
Supreme Court Justice Chuck E. Cheese
Bam Margera in a Mini Coop with Master Splinter
Amy Klobuchar and Adam Driver having dinner
Hey! Here's a Thanos that twerks
For 24 million, it could be yours
And the prices go up and down, you see
So that explains an NFT
Na na na na—

[Verse 3: Jack Harlow]
Hey, here's the thing about NFTs
It's a non-fungible token, you see
"Non-fungible" means that it's unique
There can only be one, like you and me
NFTs are insane (Insane)
Built on a blockchain (That's right)
A digital ledger of transactions
It records information on what's happenin'
When it's minted, you can sell it as art
And this concludes my rappin' part, motherf—

[Outro: Pete Davidson]
Na na na na na
Na na na na na, na na na na
Na na na na na
Na na na na na, na na na na

Now the slightly less funny explanation:

There's always more...


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