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The Truth Refinery is a union of tech veterans and multimedia creators, artists, and scientists...  with just enough in common to agree on how to fix the digital mess we helped create. 

We believe in the importance of innovative yet sensible business growth to make our society more open, fair, and sustainable.

This site is where we educate, innovate, and celebrate the latest implications and opportunities between our businesses, technologies, and Society. 

We invite you to participate in conversations around the disruptive yet imminent expansion of Web3 - Artificial Intelligence, ChatBots and AI Agents, Internet of Things, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, NFTs, etc.

As we share what we are learning from real-world deployments, we hope you are inspired to share your goals and questions. Only then can we collaborate to choose your most relevant services, tools, and techniques.

Here are several topics for our conversation:
  1. Which AI/Web3 tools match your goals
  2. Your best revenue actions in evolving markets
  3. A proven process to decide, create, and test
  4. Your updated business model options
  5. The easiest ways to market your "Brand"
  6. Finding the right people with new ecosystem filters
  7. Data reporting, analysis, and optimization
Which are your priorities?

How I help:

1. Match companies with COMPATIBLE Web3 tech based on mindset, methods, and models

2. SALES GROWTH STRATEGY & ACTIONS to optimize marcom and deal flow between the most relevant relationships

3. Reinvent VALUE EXCHANGE for cooperative, sustainable, Co-Ownership Economies

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Our Experience 
the ABCs & 123 of

. . . We've got your back

Here at the Truth Refinery, we explore the dynamic world of Sales and Marketing, leveraging the incredible power of AI to not only revive faith in the game but increase Sales Growth.

Better Deals Faster . . .  

By Focusing on the Right Deals at the Right Time

As Sales and Marketing advisors, our focus has always been on closing more of the right deals at the right time, now with a strategic leverage of AI capabilities. 

The key? Understanding the market and your place in it. 

We match you with the ideal advisors to help you with the ABCs:

A.  We Mentor and Optimize while out in the Field to be more agile and responsive with direct customer assessment and engagement 

Mentorship timing is crucial, and AI plays a pivotal role. We help you with all aspects of prospect engagement. Your team receives fast results and more relevant options.

B.  Discover Problems and Opportunities with AI Insights

The choices for sales and marketing departments can be overwhelming. AI insights, from pattern recognition of your data, help in discovering problems and opportunities for easier decision-making.

C. Best Prospects? - Reassess, Iterate, Optimize with AI-Powered Analysis

We don't just target prospects; we interview them. 

Clarifying common ground and commitment sets the most logical prioritization for iteration, and optimization. Use AI tools for relentless commitment that aligns with mutual company goals and brand reputation.

Details in 1,2,3:

1. Getting the Most Out of Your Salespeople with AI
  • Learn and Train While Closing Deals with AI Integration:
Since we agree on a continuous learning approach, train your team while closing deals, Automated AI powered data analysis feeds your team insights to discover opportunities for new initiatives in the process.
  • Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Loop Enhanced by AI:
Create a loop between critical thinking, problem-solving, and the reality of prospect issues and market forces. You achieve seamless integration of strategy (planning) and tactics (actions).

2. In the Field: Assessing Issues and Opportunities with AI Precision
  • Qualifying Product/Market Fit with AI Precision:
Venturing into the field allows me to assess issues and opportunities. Qualifying the product/market fit and finding the best way to close deals with the right prospects is now done with AI precision.
  • AI Communication Bridge: Don't Shoot the Sales Messenger
Communication is key, and AI serves as the broker of communication. There must be a potential to be heard, and AI functionalities, like those championed by Tom Libby, ensure your message doesn't get lost.

3. Revenue Growth Solutions: Sales-Specific and Collaborative with AI 
  • Cross-Company Alignment with AI Analytics:
Aligning with company goals is paramount. Efficient reporting analysis and recommendations facilitated by AI ensure cross-company alignment.
  • Capabilities Assessment and Gap Analysis Enhanced by AI:
To maximize potential, conduct a capabilities assessment and gap analysis, now enhanced by AI. Collaborate with your team, offering individual attention and addressing issues while optimizing strengths.
  • Better Sales Habits with AI-Driven Insights:
Cultivate better sales habits. Accommodate individual issues by fixing the bad and optimizing the good, now with the aid of AI-driven insights.

We focus on better deals for growth by fostering an environment that breeds long-term success.

Are you interested in reassessing your strategic planning, tactical execution, and unlocking the full potential of your sales and marketing teams with the magic of AI?

We are.

Let's talk about your business model options...


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