The Truth Refinery is a union of tech veterans and multimedia creators, artists, and scientists...  with just enough in common to agree on how to fix the digital mess we helped create. 

This is where we educate, innovate, and celebrate the latest implications and opportunities between our businesses, technologies, and Society. 

We invite you to participate in conversations around the disruptive yet imminent expansion of Web3 - Artificial Intelligence, ChatBots (like ChatGPT), Internet of Things, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, NFTs, etc.

As we share what we are learning from real-world deployments, we hope you are inspired to share your goals and questions. Only then can we collaborate to choose your most relevant services, tools, and techniques.

Here are 3 examples: 

Protect Financial Value - https://bit.ly/Unlock_Expertise 

Do you Agree?

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A few topics for our conversation:
  1. Which AI/Web3 tools match your goals
  2. Your best revenue actions in evolving markets
  3. A proven process to decide, create, and test
  4. Your updated business model options
  5. The easiest ways to market your "Brand"
  6. Finding the right people with new ecosystem filters
  7. Data reporting, analysis, and optimization

~  ~  ~ 

Inspiration from Powderhound Consulting...

We focus 
on a few turns ahead 
letting instincts absorb
developing forces,
unleashing you mind to
anticipate, adapt, 
and accelerate
towards new paths
with the best powder

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