Please reach out if you would like to learn more about how to participate, educate, innovate, and celebrate the latest opportunities between our businesses, technologies, and society.

Topics include Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, NFTs, and the most interoperable Web3 services, tools, and techniques.

We have several presentations constantly being updated for multiple levels of understanding and deployments.

The more you understand the options for your specific career, your company, and your industry ... the more certain the paths to profit are for your network.

On the Truth Refinery site, we consider how to combine and align multiple elements into unified solutions for re-building technology and communication infrastructure while modernizing business models.

The key is that we gain insights by real-life use-cases with proven platforms that let you take action ... and not wrestle with technology.

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Inspiration from Powderhound Consulting...

We focus on a few turns ahead 
letting instincts 
release momentum
from developing actions

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