AI Agents For Your Competitive Edge

Virtual Assistants, Copilots, Robots!... Whatever you call them, these AI Agents are powerful enablers and accelerants for personal career growth, achievement, and mastery... they are becoming essential to exceed everyone's new capabilities and expectations. 

They are as much a threat as your competitor that knows how to use them.
  • We help you collaborate and integrate them into your career, company, and industry journey.
  • We help you amplify your expertise and augment your capabilities with the Power of AI Partnerships
Chet believes that you CAN handle the truth

Here is an overview and plan for training, consulting, supporting, and coaching B2B salespeople to incorporate AI agents into their workflow for efficiency and transparency

Your competitive advantage with AI?
  • Enhanced Sales & Marketing Insights
  • Efficient Production Processes
  • Smarter Conversational Dashboards
  • Value Unlocked from Proprietary Data
  • Insights for Product/Market Fit
  • Evaluation of New Adjacent Markets

Our purpose is to help each other in our community to keep up AND to optimize workflows with these 3 levels of AI:

1) Personal Co-Pilots - The free magic answers from AI services like ChatGPT are the new best way to BOTH create and curate content. Get super-powered with these cognitive collaborators, on-demand researchers, and tireless advisors.

2) Answer Bot - From a simple search box on your site, help anyone find what they need thru a personalized chat-guided tour across all your APPROVED, assets, sites, FAQs, and POVs, These are custom Large Language Models that prioritize your content and brand voice.
Take a Test Spin - Create your own ChatBot ($100/month) with a reliable platform like our friends at CustomGPT  
Go to this link and get a month free by using code: ONEMONTHFREE

3) AI Agent Match-maker - Your digital proxy avatar will represent you.  Your AI Agents will be interacting with your Customer's AI Agents. 

This completely changes your distribution of information and messaging. The AI Agent's ability to autonomously make purchasing decisions will reform all product marketing and sales strategies.

Our Hands-on Approach:

Join our weekly ChatCast with our (your!) AI Sidekick, to be part of these issues and help our (your!) community prioritize topics.

We dig into real-world deployments (wins and losses) to discover the impact of AI on sales performance, deal velocity, or customer engagement. 


AI Agent Integration Training

Conduct comprehensive training programs to educate sales professionals on the functionality, benefits, and ethical deployment of AI agents. Collaborate with AI providers to develop tailored training modules, ensuring a seamless integration of AI agents into existing sales processes.

Strategic AI Agent Deployment

Analyze your organization's sales cycle, data repositories, and customer interactions to identify optimal use cases for AI agent implementation. Develop deployment strategies that leverage AI agents for tasks such as lead generation, opportunity qualification, content curation, and customer engagement.

Sales Enablement with AI Insights

Harness the power of AI agents to uncover valuable insights from vast data sources, empowering salespeople with actionable intelligence. Facilitate data-driven decision-making by providing real-time market intelligence, competitor analysis, and customer behavior insights.

Cross-Departmental Alignment

Foster collaboration between sales, marketing, and other relevant departments to ensure seamless data flow and consistent messaging. Implement AI-driven feedback loops to facilitate continuous improvement and optimization across all customer-facing operations.

Transparency and Trust Building

Emphasize the importance of transparency in AI agent interactions, fostering trust and credibility with customers and prospects. Develop ethical guidelines and best practices for responsible AI agent deployment, safeguarding customer privacy and data security.

Consultative Services

Half-day, weekly, or monthly consultative services to move fast on quick wins your sales goals. We will recommend and refine AI agent strategies, address emerging challenges, and ensure alignment with evolving business objectives.

Training updates and knowledge-sharing sessions to keep sales teams at the forefront of AI advancements.

Two New AI-Enabled Services...

GOALS: tailored to Sales, Marketing, and adjacent departments. Clarify data prioritization and reporting, Personalize employee experiences and continuous evolution through feedback loops.

 >> MatchBot Leverage AI agents to identify and vet qualified business opportunities, accelerating deal velocity and mitigating risks.

Develop AI-driven matchmaking algorithms that align with clients' long-term strategic objectives, facilitating sustainable value creation.

Implement custom-built AnswerBots that prioritize clients' approved assets, brand voice, and industry knowledge, ensuring consistent and accurate customer interactions.

 >>  EchoSphere: AI-Human Harmonization Introduce EchoSphere, a proprietary solution that bridges the gap between AI capabilities and human creativity, fostering cross-departmental alignment and amplifying individual employee contributions. 

These personal AI Co-Pilots empower salespeople as cognitive collaborators, on-demand researchers, and tireless advisors, enhancing productivity and creativity.

You are in the era of the AI-Augmented Salesperson: Redefining Career Success

Join us and be inspired by practical applications and real-world examples of better workflows across Operations, Sales, and Marketing,  

Yes, there will be pro and con debates about Web 3.0 tech like Blockchain. Let's focus on optimizing your current processes . . . Let's call it Web 2.5.

Please reach out to share your thoughts and discuss options...


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