Web3 = Triangle Control >> Cooperative Circles

During a recent session in the Circular Partner Marketplace, we decided that a simple circle is the way to explain the unique value of Web3...

"Your unique opportunities will reveal themselves when you consider evolving from the Control triangle to the Cooperative circle."
Relearn (R)Evolution

Our parents, teachers, and bosses taught us how to be successful by making sure we were in control of business models at the top of the triangle.
With new Web3 technologies, we now have functions that allow success to be more inclusive and collaborative across an expansive, healthier ecosystem with win-win, equitable partnerships of co-ownership… More cooperative… More Circular.
A simple shape-shift defines humanity's potential for collective progress

With this metaphor, new tech terminology should make more sense for disruptive opportunities of ownership and distribution, See below definitions with a superpower spin.

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Here are some definitions to keep the superpower fun in the function:

  1. Smart Contracts: The Equitable Enforcer

    • Superpower: Smart contracts are like digital superheroes. They execute automatically when specific conditions are met. Imagine a contract that springs to life when you buy a house, ensuring a fair exchange without middlemen.
    • Functionality: Buy, sell, co-own, and more – all encoded in lines of code. These contracts redefine ownership models. They’re the Robin Hood of transactions, ensuring fairness for all.
  2. Provenance: The Transparent Trailblazer

    • Superpower: Provenance is the Sherlock Holmes of the digital world. It traces every step, revealing the origin and journey of assets. Imagine a gem with a built-in GPS that shows its entire history.
    • Functionality: With provenance, you can verify authenticity, track supply chains, and ensure ethical practices. It’s like a truth serum for products, empowering conscious consumers.
  3. Tokenization: The Fractional Magician

    • Superpower: Tokenization turns assets into magical tokens. Imagine owning a piece of the Mona Lisa or a skyscraper – all through digital tokens. It’s like slicing a cake into shareable pieces.
    • Functionality: These tokens enable fractional ownership. You can buy a fraction of a rare painting or invest in a building – all without hefty price tags. It’s democratizing ownership.
  4. Interoperability: The Multiverse Connector

    • Superpower: Interoperability bridges parallel universes. Imagine different platforms collaborating seamlessly, like superheroes teaming up. It’s like Spider-Man swinging into the Avengers’ world.
    • Functionality: Web3 platforms, blockchain networks – they all speak the same language. Interoperability ensures a unified digital landscape. It’s the Avengers assembling for a common cause.
  5. Decentralization: The Inclusive Dynamo

    • Superpower: Decentralization breaks chains. Imagine a network where power isn’t concentrated – it’s shared. It’s like turning a pyramid into a circle, where everyone has a voice.
    • Functionality: In this cooperative ecosystem, decisions are made collectively. It’s the Justice League of ownership models, empowering individuals and communities.
  6. Zero-Knowledge Proof Matchmaking: The Privacy Guardian

    • Superpower: Zero-knowledge proof is the cloak of invisibility. Imagine sharing only what’s necessary – like revealing your superhero identity selectively. It’s like Batman without the mask.
    • Functionality: Privacy and security are paramount. With zero-knowledge proofs, you can transact without exposing personal details. It’s the ultimate trust-building tool in a digital world.

These concepts aren’t just buzzwords; they’re the building blocks of a new era to take back control of OUR Web from "Big Tech" like Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc.) and recreate a more inclusive, transparent, and empowered Internet

Contact me to keep our cooperative discussion rolling... around your circle.

FYI - Get Circular

Circular is a reimagined and redesigned blockchain stack that can manage multiple blockchains. Organizations can subscribe and have a dedicated blockchain without sacrificing decentralization and high computational cost in the hashing to keep security at the top. Circular is completely sustainable and uses a consensus algorithm. Non-competitive mining supports the industry, rather than sacrificing it like other blockchains using proof of stake. They are focusing on FinTech, GameTech, and HealthTech.

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