Web3 = Triangle Control >> Cooperative Circles

A simple circle is the way to explain the unique value of Web3

Your unique opportunities will reveal themselves when you consider evolving from the Control triangle to the Cooperative circle...
Relearn (R)Evolution

Our parents taught us how to be successful by making sure we were in control of business models at the top of the triangle.
With new Web3 technologies, we now have functions that allow success to be more inclusive and collaborative across an expansive, healthier ecosystem with win-win, equitable partnerships of co-ownership… More cooperative… More Circular.
A simple shape-shift defines humanity's potential for collective progress

With this metaphor, the features of new terminology make more sense for disruptive opportunities of ownership and distribution, Such as; Decentralization, Provenance, Tokenization, Smart Contracts, Interoperability, Zero-Knowledge Proof Matchmaking, and others we are excited about leveraging across the Circular Marketplace - see below definitions.

Prepare for the "Side" Funnel...

The concept of the Sales Funnel is evolving as buyers can now easily assess their knowledge and situations using Large Language Model "solution engine co-pilots" like ChatGPT. This allows buyers to evaluate actual experiences (free from vendor marketing spin) to determine best-case prerequisites, industry standard scenario planning, the most likely issues during integration of new vendors revealing specific issues across departments, etc.

Yes, business processes are changing and it is impossible to stay ahead of it... But just don't get left behind.

Meanwhile, we assume you want to expand in this Circular Economy for a more sustainable, regenerative, and continuously thriving ecosystem.

Get Growth ...
Get Circular

So, here are some re-definitions:


Highlights the transition from centralized control to a collaborative and distributed network of co-ownership. This shift encourages inclusivity and active participation, fostering a more cooperative and circular ecosystem.


Ensures that every step in the journey is visible, verifiable, and contributes to the regenerative nature of the ecosystem. It leverages the commitment to transparency and traceability within the Circular Economy.


Embodies the digitization of assets as a cornerstone for fractional ownership and innovative financial possibilities. This serves as a catalyst for cooperative ventures, empowering co-ownership partnerships.

Smart Contracts

Signifies the heart of the cooperative landscape, where automated and efficient contractual agreements form the foundation of equitable partnerships. Smart Contracts bring reliability and fairness, ensuring that every interaction contributes positively to a far more aware and Regenerative Marketplace.


Represents the seamless collaboration among diverse Web3 platforms and cross-blockchains, an essential element for the unity of the cooperative ecosystem. This interconnectedness ensures a unified and efficient digital landscape, where every participant contributes and benefits.

Zero-Knowledge Proof Matchmaking

Exemplifies the commitment to privacy and security in the Circular Marketplace. It underscores the importance of safeguarding identity and fostering trust in cooperative endeavors because ONLY REQUIRED data is shared. creating a space where participants feel secure and valued.

Contact me to keep our cooperative discussion rolling... around your circle.


This explanation was inspired by business development conversations between Circular's multi-chain solutions and their network of software developers.

Circular is a reimagined and redesigned blockchain stack that can manage multiple blockchains. Organizations can subscribe and have a dedicated blockchain without sacrificing decentralization and high computational cost in the hashing to keep security at the top. Circular is completely sustainable and uses a consensus algorithm. Non-competitive mining supports the industry, rather than sacrificing it like other blockchains using proof of stake. They are focusing on FinTech, GameTech, and HealthTech.

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