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We all have at least 2 things in common...

1) Sharing our planet... and, 
2) Unlocking the business value of Sustainability.

Since we all have the responsibility to implement more sustainable connections, I have started working with the senior tech and ESG folks at Copperwire to launch a platform solution for better supply chain management, called Impact Chain. 

Impact Chain is a sustainability management solution with deep end-to-end supply chain traceability. Their ground-breaking technology operationalizes trust in ESG data and disclosures across internal and external ecosystems.

Below are more details, but my hope is to get your feedback on where this fits in your ... and all our... Sustainability Journeys.

Please let me know of anyone in your network that's irresponsible for supply chain and infrastructure operations that would appreciate insights on how to ensure that Scope 3 & other Sustainability data are fully traceable and trustworthy.

Market Attacks

The people are speaking out in class action suits because they don't like being lied to as much as they respect their planet ... Nike just got hit for green washing their Sustainability line (!) because only 10% of their material is sustainable. Delta just got hit for false carbon-neutrality claims. The list is growing daily.

Better Systems

Customers choose Impact Chain for their entire platform as they start at different places (see graphic below) with confidence that they can expand to other material topics across their ecosystem: cross-department, partners, vendors, regulators, etc.

Problems Impact Chain solves:

  • Verify data
  • Accounting requirements
  • Comply to governance mandates
  • Confidence for marketing momentum

Obviously, that last one is about growing business AND impact. This is what I hope to discuss.

A few examples are below. More at: 

Food / Beverage

HQ Organics - Leading supplier of herbs and spices in North America - we help them track and report on Sustainability metrics from emissions to human rights compliance across multiple supply chains covering  22 ingredients that go into the product. They sell to companies like Costco and MCormick

Diageo - Global Alcoholic Beverages  - we are helping them with their entire data management needs across all material topics for compliance, audit and regulatory reporting and stakeholder communication needs - including supporting their 10 year Sustainability vision called "Society 2030'

Consumer Goods


Avocado - leading organic mattress brand in US - we help this Certified B Corporation track and report on Sustainability metrics from emissions to human rights compliance across their value chain involving multiple supply chains covering various raw materials, wool, latex, and cotton


Aditya Birla Fashion Retail  - $82B Fashion powerhouse and market leader in India.We are helping with their circularity vision involving full multi-tier waste traceability across all their facilities

Click the below image to see the several areas that the Impact Chain solution intersects for...

Key differentiators of Impact Chain:

1. ‘Platform-first’ Approach – To operationalize trust within complex multi-party ecosystems 

2. Advanced Data Collaboration Platform Built on Distributed Trust Technology

3. Deep Multi-tier Traceability Across Complex Value Chains

4. Complete Closed-loop Solution Supporting End-to-end Sustainability Management

5. Improved Trust with Data Verifiability & Veracity Scoring

6. Secure, Immutable Ledger that provides Financial-grade Data Integrity

7. Flexible, efficient and lower Total Cost-of-Ownership  

8. Sustainability Solution built by Sustainability Experts

Where does this intersect with you?

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