Web3 Deployed in Hospitality Travel and Tourism …

Virtual will never replace live travel experiences. 

But how can tech enhance your current business models?

The Hospitality and Travel Industries are now able to leverage new Web3 technologies to maximize both customer relationships AND revenue.

Don't roll your eyes. This is happening.

New Marketing Management Platforms are being deployed and perfected to improve loyalty programs and enable more personalized experiences. Marketing departments can now simply augment their existing systems with no-code mechanisms for Web3 solutions like Artificial Intelligence, Generative Content Bots (like ChatGPT), and Blockchain’s distributed ledger. 

You've heard the Web 1,2,3 riff... but don't miss the huge flip to business models that actually support and inspire your customers and community to participate...
Marketers can increase everyone's value and revenue by managing and automating more accurate connections between people and the co-owned experiences they WANT to share... 

Examples - All 3 are very Web3:
  1. Empower customers to earn personalized digital collectibles and loyalty points across multiple services and partners. 
  2. Easily onboard customers and "Performance Partners" that match everyone's requirements.
  3. Inspire viral community sharing of loyalty points and status. Enable co-earned experiences!

Your New Tools Have Evolved:

These new Loyalty Engines are SaaS platforms for your business development teams to manage branded ecosystems for 360° customer engagement campaigns across content assets, incentives, access, partner requirements, and any of your business models.

Customers interact easily through your web/mobile site... but think of it more like a Dgital Passport that automatically accumulates (100% opt-in and GDPR-compliant) data preferences ... so your system can automatically re-engage with more relevant content.

These management platforms let you simply "tag" programmable utility and business models to any of your touchpoints (using self-executing Smart Contracts).

Faster, Better, Safer... The unique “identity verification” capabilities of blockchain facilitate more efficient and secure P2P transfers and B2C business transactions, removing the need for costly and time-consuming middlemen. 

Your community can now take multiple actions with your communications and assets. 

They can now: share, earn, buy, sell, gift, reward, vote, incentivize, time-stamp, unlock, CO-EARN Experiences, ... etc!

Integrate Core Operations (Thanks for the inspiration from this Blockchain Research Institute report

New Models Need A New Mindset

Can your company's business models accommodate or pivot to more open, equitable, and sharing relationships with customers and between your community members?

More about "cooperative" business models on my post that includes: 

  • Membership Services 
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Affinity Groups 
  • Fan Networks
  • Affiliate Channels
  • Referral Agreements
  • Royalty Systems
  • Rewards

Exactly how your specific goals and issues determine your best platform partner options for: 

Content and contact management, payments, reservations and ticketing, location tracking, identity management, and information sharing within supply chains... while transforming customer relationships via decentralized booking systems, loyalty programs, verifiable UGC, reviews, partner requirements, etc. 

Plus, which of your priorities are already solved with these new toolsets.


Watch a 40 second overview (using AI of course) of one of my favorite platforms, www.NuArcaLabs.com:



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