Reset the Web3 Hype

At the Web3 session during Rhode Island Startup Week .. We had the right people in the room to reset the Web3 hype.

The panel had these secret ingredients... diversity of thought and experiences WITH a common intent to discover mutual value - - Care and Share! (h/t to our friends at Shareity for Brand-Sponsored Charity Challenges).

These also happen to be the 2nd secret to Web3 
The 1st secret? It's not here yet.

Summary of our session:

We are all JUST STARTING to understand the functions of Web3 technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, NFTs, and Virtual Worlds. 

Yes, there are crazy crypto investors, fashion art "Collectibles," and the next iteration of Apes ... But for the rest of us, there are new tools, on SaaS platforms, for Web3 Customer and Content Management. 

Marketplaces are being tested and perfected. They are being designed to align with sales and marketing campaigns for good old-fashioned client success.

Since most services and products can be connected to digital assets (such as Digital Receipts), they can now be programmed with superpowered UTILITY where anyone can buy, sell, trade, share, earn, unlock, timestamp, validate, convene, kickstart, donate, etc...!

Hint: Look for businesses that succeed with revenue-sharing models

Your opportunity is discovering who can benefit from more dynamic functions added to:
  • Membership Services 
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Affinity Groups 
  • Fan Networks
  • Affiliate Channels
  • Referral Agreements
  • Royalty Systems
All are fuel for hybrid on/offline EXPERIENTIAL LOYALTY Marketing events, destinations, and communities (where brands want to love and be loved).

These new platforms are tools to manage online Marketplaces that enable collaboration in the burgeoning Creator Economy with easier partner onboarding and automated (self-executing) "smart contracts" for Co-Production and Co-Ownership. 

Now is the time to identify these companies BECAUSE THEY ARE ALREADY POSITIONED to evolve their Web2 Social Networking towards the new Web3 capabilities of a world where:

   A) We control our own identity (and release only the essential elements)
   B) We own our content/data (with requirements for any use of it)
   C) We can easily monetize our assets and ourselves (directly with each other)

This "decentralization" means more connections with less friction. Nobody is in the way of us working together to create new economies... fewer lawyers, no middlemen taking a cut, and less Government red tape.

What Can You Do Next?
Lean in... stay curious... consider how your existing methods and models could be more effective with these new methods and models.

Let your mind wander into a world where mutually fair and equitable value exchange is our shared goal... where automation makes workflows ... flow.

Consider how you will benefit from this Creative Liquidity >>> Liquid Creativity.

Top 10 Advice from the panel - Moderator Mike Wise, Keri KiltyPBDripDripBitsNFT,  and me DavidCutler
  1. Re-Think Everything
  2. Particularly Web2 business models
  3. Tap your own superpowers
  4. Test Test Test new methods
  5. Be ready to pivot... again
  6. Manage your business with no-code Platforms
  7. Focus models on Revenue-Sharing
  8. Functions to onboard users, partners, and data are key
  9. Help Loyalty Programs and displaced "middlemen" 
  10. Work hard. It's not easy - See #1

A Few Good Choices:

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We can dig into YOUR IDEAS at the Boston Blockchain Association

Check out what Marketers are doing in my recent slide deck for a CIC presentation:

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