DEMO - Membership Club "Experience NFTs" in Las Vegas!

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Do you want to entertain (and be entertained with) your clients, friends, and new connections in the Las Vegas community?

Come join us for exclusive and memorable VIP foodie experiences at the forefront of the Hospitality Industry.

It is now easier to manage Customer Loyalty Programs... Because Membership Club "Experience NFTs" are in Las Vegas!

Get your own unique annual "Membership NFT" that unlocks VIP access to members-only events like personally curated food, cocktails, and culinary parties - The Chef Todd English Way.

500 Memberships are for sale in Todd English's Pepper Club Las Vegas for exclusive access to in-person events on the 21st of each month for a year. 

Every month you get access to "Event NFTs" with the power of technology to invite, share, gift, and unlock shared experiences with great people in this fabulous, bold, and artistic space.
“Pepper Club 21 Membership is designed for people who crave and appreciate exclusive culinary experiences in Las Vegas. Members will be able to pre-book exclusive events that cultivate a connection with our culinary talents and community.” - Todd English

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David Cutler
NFT's made for fans

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Salespeople and Marketers can invite their guests and speak at Pepper Club 21 events.

Enjoy monthly food and beverage pairings at an amazing new member NFT social club in the Art’s District in Las Vegas.

Everyone is a VIP so your clients will know that you and your company have good taste. You are a co-producer of the best monthly parties in town.

Think of NFT Memberships and NFT Events as "Passports" that unlock exclusive event access for all Pepper Club 21 Members. 

Together we will discover the best ideas.

Here is the Member's Journey:

How would you use these marketing mechanisms to develop better relationships with your Clients and Prospects? For example, you can easily share event access with a client, and they can pass it along to someone else ... growing your reputation and connections with a wider audience. 

Build your business better with the latest tech tools... No Tech Required.

Every "Membership NFT" is Unique

Your participation will make these (and the next) features exactly what you want:
  1. Your one-year Sponsor Supporter Membership NFT unlocks access to the VIP community:
    • Speaking session
    • Your logo on the English Hotel Partner Wall
    • Free Happy Hour drinks and discounts
    • 10% off discount at Pepper Club
  2. You and your clients get early-access to Event NFTs for personally curated food, cocktails, and experiences - The Todd English Way!
  3. You own these "Utility NFTs" so you can sell them, gift them, use them for incentives, rewards and recognition
  4. Build relationships with community communications before, during, and between events
  5. Unlimited potential for private gatherings, team-building, NFT Quests, Challenges, training, certifications, etc.
What do you think?

Todd English's Pepper Club
921 S Main St, Las Vegas, NV 89101

- David