Customer Success - The NEW NFT Way

Do you want a new, easy way to give customers the experiences they want while increasing engagement and revenue?

You can now use NFT Marketplace Platforms that adds more value to existing and new marketing campaigns.

7 integrated elements:

1. NFTs are more than the thing - NFTs are coded programs of functions wrapped around any of your digital assets, art, content... to automate new business models and deliver customers more valuable experiences.

- We are talking about real Fans and real people. Not Cryptocurrency investors. Not Techies (actually, no tech knowledge is required).

2. This SaaS platforms are online software that lets you create and automate NFT enabled Fan experiences directly between your Talent and almost any of your assets.

- Your Sales and Marketing Department can easily get creative with fun and function between your digital/physical products and activities.

3. We need your own branded online Portal and Marketplace where you can easily manage activities and revenue opportunities around NFTs - buying, selling, sharing, Quests, unlocking VIP access to "meet and greets," discounts, physical merchandise, earning loyalty points ... Anything.

- NuArca Labs also lets you deliver your NFTs to other open network marketplaces (we can discuss when this makes sense).

4. The business model is simple, fair revenue-sharing where you retain the majority of profits.

- You can increase revenue by easily onboarding current and new sponsors, vendors, venues, and partners along your customer's journey.

5. THE KEY IS "Experience Management" integrating with your existing marketing campaigns. Now your best assets are NFTs and have the superpowers of digitally programmed functions that can AUTOMATE interactions. Such as; permissions, eCommerce, Membership services, upgrades, adding loyalty points, fulfillment, distribution, and promotions... No procedures. No barriers. No waiting.

- Use your own first-party data to deliver the most relevant, timely, and authentic content at the right time.

6. NuArca's 5-years of in-market experience provides a proven platform that is FinTech-secure, Personal Identity safe, and compliant with impending government regulations.

7. Deploy the powers of Web3... Such as allowing your community members to be "Co-Producers" and fund THEIR visions with your assets, while you retain creative control and royalty ownership.

- You not only manage better customer service, you also leverage your Fan's network to grow your business by:
  • Encouraging Their Passions
  • Empowering Their Participation
  • Enabling Their Profit-Sharing

Contact me anytime to talk about your specific options. We can clarify if NuArca Labs has what you need.

Meanwhile, keep learning with my 12-minute deeper dive.

All the best.


NuArca Labs has an NFT enabled engagement platform that lets you and your customers easily manage connections and relationships between people, things, and experiences.

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