Why Web3 And Why Not


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Let's cut to the chase...
Trying is the first step towards failure. ** 

This post will try to answer the question. "Is Web3 good?"

My simple answer is that it is happening so let's make it good together. "Together" is the key because the functions of Blockchain allow interoperability and control of our own identity, content, and monetization.

So the bigger question is: Do we want that?

No, really. Can your business models handle sharing, open, equitable relationships? Beyond revenue-sharing partnerships... we are talking about letting go of your current plans for controlling your future and taking the leap of faith that it's better to have a smaller percent of something that grows beyond your imagination, than hording 100% of something that doesn't.

Those that can adapt to this will discover if the more automated and easier Web3 version of Network Effects

Change can threaten people. But Covid proved that we could innovate and find new "best practices."

We can also choose which new concepts make sense (Enterprise Blockchain), which do not make sense (Crypto gambling Investment NFTs), and which has partial value like the utopian aspirations of DAOs Decentralized autonomous organizations 

DAOs don't work... because our much too selfish human nature will always have someone trying to get more than they deserve. 

The question is, where can our innate selfishness be offset by the promise and process of Web3 transparency and fairness? In which markets can the exponential growth of automated business partner onboarding be so compelling enough to get traction and prove itself?
  1. Sports Fandom? (maybe, but mostly centrally controlled)
  2. Art (too randomly fashionable)
  3. Creator Economy (Hopefully, as we accept NFT "Assets" can be anything)

What to focus on

Blockchain's "Dynamic Passports" are evolving beyond Investor NFTs and Crypto Craziness. 

Check out the 7 Elements of NFTs. The next iteration of Blockchain is "Dynamic NFTs" for community engagement and good old fashioned customer success.

Here are a few reliable-ish voices for & against Web3:





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