Unleashing NFT Enabled Relationships Between People, Things, and Experiences

This post is about 
easily creating and managing valuable customer relationship experiences using your own Web3 platform with functions that enable AI, Chatbots, and Blockchain's NFTs ... Not about investment schemes with Cryptocurrency or Collectibles...

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Let's start with the latest definition:
NFTs are coded programs attached to any of your digital assets to automate new business models and deliver more Fan utility while accumulating value from community participation on your own branded portal.

The key is:
A systemic approach for "Experience Management" using NFT tech to enable your community members to fund their visions WHILE you retain creative control with maximized royalty ownership (safely, securely, and with impending government compliance).

Blockchain Evolving Towards You

Firstly, Blockchain does not compete with existing systems, it augments and integrates your existing Digital Marketing plans.

As you will see below, interoperable efficiency is a key function that increases revenue by aligning your business data flows, communication, e-commerce platforms, ... everything.

For the last few years, "Enterprise Blockchain" has been proving its value for corporations by "connecting networks of collaborative ecosystems that increase transparency and nimbleness." See quick summaries in Forbes' 2022 Blockchain 50 demonstrating unique capabilities to reduce costs and grow revenue by expanding distribution and ownership.

"Cryptocurrency," like Bitcoin, is the first popular application of Blockchain's capabilities. It is a wild ride for financial speculators (consult your Accountant, not your brother-in-law).

The current media buzz about crazy valuations of "Investment NFTs" such as unique Collectible Art and Sports Memorabilia are being leveraged by prospectors buying and selling for profit. More gamblers than game or art fans.

But let's talk about regular people... the rest of us... your customers.

These valuable and disruptive functions can now be harnessed for YOUR customer's needs and their constantly advancing expectations for service and value. They deserve "Dynamic" or Utility NFTs.

Now there is a SaaS white label platform from NuArca that simplifies using Blockchain's NFTs for sales, marketing, and customer engagements through your own customized mobile-friendly website, and private online Marketplace.

This is online software with various production services, plus mechanisms and APIs to onboard your customers and partners. You can now manage and automate connections and interactions with ongoing content and evolving business models.

It's like Shopify (for NFT creation and sales) meets Hubspot (for marketing services).

You control your brand and your own 1st-party data that lets you optimize the most valuable customer interactions and community conversations.
NuArca Labs has a proven online platform that lets you and your customers manage these connections and relationships

NuArca is currently focusing on providing the Sports & Entertainment Industries (such as the Rugby League World Cup) their own branded fan engagement platform enabled by Dynamic NFTs. 

So, the examples in this post lean towards an ecosystem of Fans, Talent, Venues, Partner Vendors, and Sponsors. There are certainly parallels to your market since you should be treating your customers like fans!

NFT is the Function of a Thing
The process to get "on chain" is to transform your assets into more dynamic NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens means each is unique and not interchangeable). This allows you to connect self-executing programs of action/reactions onto your best digital assets - images, media, offers, access, ideas, even Tweets.

With just a few clicks, you can add these automated "Smart Contracts" to anything that you want to function in powerful ways... by themselves... WITHOUT waiting for approvals. This is that trustless decentralization you are hearing about.

A good reference is the jukebox. When someone has the requirements - a few coins - there's no waiting, the song instantly plays.

Think about how your business would flow if deals could be made instantly and automatically when requirements are met. No waiting for verification, approvals, NDAs, contracts, Lawyers, or even handshakes. 

Since efficiency is at the core of Blockchain, you get secure, interoperable connections that add Network Effect value to all participants.

Flywheel of Value:
(click to enlarge)

It's in the name

The "Blockchain" is a single ledger of reality that can validate accurate identification of people and the ownership history of assets.

This common language allows you to easily on-board and accommodate disparate internal and external systems. These chains link across your business for instant confirmations of delivery and fulfillment of services, merchandise, revenue share payments,. etc. etc. etc. 

By auto-aligning with prospects, you will discover new revenue from never-even-considered partners that have been instantly identified and pre-approved.

Consider how all these functions can deploy into your existing marketing platforms, e-commerce systems, even your inevitable virtual presence metaverse!

What's in Your Wallet?

The event ticket on your smartphone that gets you to your seat can easily be an NFT providing unlimited functions... but also allowing you to engage directly in a superpowered 2-way Communicator "Passport."

Attendees manage all their NFT activities in an easily setup Digital Wallet on their phone. Like a real traveler's passport that gets ink stamped at a border, all actions are accumulated to build a more accurate and useful profile. Not only for proof that they were there, but also a central location of actions and earning loyalty points that unlock all types of deals and VIP access.

Marketers can now deliver more relevant customer service that gets more accurate and valuable with every action.

Getting Started...

You need your own platform.

You can start with fun yet practical NFT Collectibles for real fans (again, not just investors) that want to get closer and own a piece of their interests. Consider the assets you, your sponsors and partners already have across digital media, merchandise, VIP actions and experiences... that backstage meet-and-greet, post-event press conference, or even the Zoom Call version.

Inspire your most active fans by letting them be "Co-Producers" with special access that they will share across their communities and invite new friends.
More robust than Social Networks, NFT platforms provide a toolset to amplify existing community conversations and influence new topics... while automating ownership, access, and distribution.
Communicate directly to interested individuals or like-minded groups as you push out deals, quests, challenges, and other sponsor-friendly activities.

The comments and content your community generates can be connected to Dynamic NFTs, making them increasingly more interesting and valuable. Your sales team can get more creative with marketable context for sponsors and vendors.

Using NFTs with a Web3 Agenda

Web3 is where all people, including your customers, can manage ownership and distribution of their own data, identity, and monetization… allowing them to be investors, members of a club, brand shareholders, and participants in loyalty programs - all at once.

Here is an example of Web3 in action... Fans can add comments to an NFT-enabled photo shared on websites, phones, Jumbotrons, etc. These build momentum and value across the community before, during, and in between events. Participants get their own "NFT Galleries" to show, collect, buy/sell, and brag. The most active influencers can share in any related revenue and earn the ability to invite others to exclusive VIP offers and activations. This value at every touchpoint encourages Network-Effect growth that multiplies without your effort.

See more on Dynamic NFT Tickets: http://bit.ly/Why_Dynamic_NFT_Tickets

You can setup any combinations of business models with Smart Contracts for your best partners along the customer's journey...

Participants can be compensated for any related revenue with "Play-To-Earn," direct cash, loyalty points, level-up membership, or exclusive access to what they love. All of these features are the inspiration for participation, sharing, and purchasing on your own online Marketplace.

FYI - Public NFT Marketplaces like Opensea, Axie, Rarible etc. can be a place to test and learn... but they provide little control for your brand and business models.

Power (and Profit) To The People

Tracking data on a single Blockchain ledger allows you to automatically monitor, reward, and inspire with revenue-sharing opportunities from pass-along sales and referrals across the community.

You can cue up automated feedback loops to assess and engage with your community's most important topics and promotional opportunities that add the most reactions, value and revenue.

Remember, these transactions can be monetary (a fan reselling an NFT) ... or earned access to VIP items and events.

"Decentralization" means more direct interactions without middlemen wasting time and money. By harnessing platforms like NuArca Labs, you can maintain control while growing your business. You enable your entire community to participate freely with each other around accountable NFT enabled experiences that increase in value. You also empower existing and new customers to earn revenue and access to more of what they want.
The new ease of incorporating Blockchain NFTs into your existing processes makes it an evolution... The leap this enables for more open and fair methods and models makes it a Web3 revolution
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Web3 is also about taking our Internet back from the multi-billion dollar corporations (like FAAMG) that aren't sharing very well.

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