NFTs are for Your Customers (Not Investors)

Don’t let the gravitational pull of 

Investment NFTs and Crypto distract 

you from the benefits of Blockchain 

for your customer engagement and 

community participation . . .

The current buzz around investment Crypto and NFT Collectibles is a wild ride in a rocket... BUT it is really just proof of concept for Blockchain applications that are evolving to improve traditional business models and entire systems.
  • There is now proof
  • And new management platforms...
  • So Marketers can deliver on promises
Promises like delivering the right offers at the right time while getting more accurate with every use.

Promises like offering assets to customers that can easily be used to fund THEIR dreams.
Let's discuss this short post about the 7 integrated elements of NFTs ... and what this can mean for your community and customers.

I am also happy to share what we are learning at NuArca Labs - from "Dynamic NFT" deployments with real people (not investor schemes with Cryptocurrency or Memorabilia and Art) as we launch with millions of fans of the Rugby League World Cup!

We are focusing on Utility & Experience Management, but the key is to learn what people are actually doing with NFTs ...

. . . Buying, Selling, Trading, Showing, Earning - Collectibles, Art, Tickets, VIP Quests?  Who do they share with?  How are Fans earning access to their favorite Artists and Athletes? How can Sponsors and vendors participate? etc. etc. etc.

The Sports & Entertainment Industries are a great example for how any business should treat their Customers (like Fans, of course!). Go deeper on new business opportunities in this summary of "The Athlete Economy" presentation at the MIT Sports Summit.

Please let me know if you want to discuss your specific options around auto-expanding customer relationship experiences using your own Blockchain NFT Enabled platform ...

All the best.


David Cutler - Partnerships
NuArca Labs

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