NFTs are for Your Customers (Not Investors)

Don’t let the gravitational pull of 

Investment NFTs and Crypto distract 

you from the benefits of Blockchain 

for your customer engagement and 

community participation . . .

The current buzz around investment Cryptocurrency and NFT Collectibles is a wild ride in a rocket... BUT there is much more than gambling on speculative investor schemes with Crypto Tokens or NFT Art.

Blockchain applications have evolved to improve traditional business models - particularly Customer Relationship Management (CRM), loyalty programs, memberships, community participation, and business development.

Ignore the distractions and focus on new, better methods for Customer Success.
  • There is now proof that Utility NFTs work
  • Using no-code management platforms to deploy
  • So Marketers can deliver on promises...
Promises to serve the right offer at the right time WHILE getting more accurate with every use. 
Promises of demonstrating gratitude with mechanisms for customers to earn VIP experiences.
Promises to unleash your assets to co-producers that can easily be enabled to support THEIR dreams... Very Web3.
The stuff on the right-side is where your business should focus...

I am happy to share what we are learning at NuArca Labs - from "Utility NFT" deployments with people like your customers, as we launch with millions of fans of the Rugby League World Cup and others like:

- American Ultimate Disc League - for niche culture
BaseballGenerations - for Youth Sports
East Asia E-1 Tournament - for Global Fans
Major League.Rugby - for a fast growing fanbase
- - "Hospitality 3.0" in Vegas!
- A beautiful way to help the cause - Artists with Ukraine

We are focusing on Utility, Purpose, and Experience Management in the Sports & Entertainment Industries because Fan's passion and participation is allowing us to learn what people are actually doing with NFTs:
How are Fans earning access to their favorite Artists and Athletes? Who do they share with? How can Sponsors participate? Which vendor partners are easiest to on-board, Etc...
Because they are not things… 

They are unlimited programmable functions that are connected to your things, assets, services, and customer experiences that make them more valuable.

Think of them as "digital receipts" that now have superpower capabilities around Buying, Selling, Showing, Voting, Earning, Lending, Gifting, Co-Owning!

Whatever you can imagine that your customers will appreciate interacting with - Such as:

buying collectibles, joining quests to earn, renting art, upgrading tickets, commenting on research reports, getting referral fees for services, earning access behind-the-scenes, commenting on outtakes, voting on favorite Zoom breakout sessions, unlocking VIP access (access is key... that's more than a pun).


Let's have a call to match your overall business goals with the best options and opportunities for NFT-enabled:

  • Fun and Function
  • Customer Success
  • In your own Marketplace

Start with these slides for an intro to NFTs and use-case ideas:

Read this short post about the 7 integrated elements of NFTs ... and what new forms of ownership and distribution can mean for your community and customers.

Also, if you like watching smart people talk through all this... Check out Shelly Palmer and Todd Cooper in this video session with Serial Marketers

Choose any time to dig in to YOUR situation ... use my Calendar... or just call me.


David Cutler - Partnerships

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