Women's Sports is the Future of Sports


Sports Innovation Lab just released a new report about Women in Sports at www.thefanproject.co

(FYI, also check out their recent Summit of Industry leaders)

Two reasons why this is important for your business
  • Women's Sports are the startups of the sports world (so watch and learn)
  • The sports industry is moving towards a Community-Based Monetization Model
Below are some highlights. See links to their 30 minute presentation and the Report PDF...

First, an FYI:
NuArca Labs has a platform to help Sports Teams (and all "Talent" like musicians, artists,etc) take advantage of all of these shifts around sponsorships and fan engagement!
Six Report Highlights:

1. See new models on how Women's Sports are produced, distributed, and measured.

- In traditional media production the focus is Stats, Scores, and Schedules. Value is delivered from quantity of eyeballs on linear screens and people in seats

- In a community-based model, the value comes from authentic storytelling AND sharing. 

2. Pipeline of job opportunities are growing at 6x the rate of Men's sports... mostly the digital savvy GenZ... that have been forced to find their content on the Web. These were the first "Fluid Fans."

3. These early Adopters are only 10% of the total fanbase, but can be responsible for up to 80% of purchasing.

4. The big opportunity is to enable content to deliver "Access"  between Fans and Athletes.

Monetization of these conversation are not the (first) goal... Focus on interactive dialogue that build reputation and deliver ACCESS to deeper levels of content beyond game time. Brands that align with these values increase affinity and THEN profits.

5. This aligns with the flexibility and persitence of Blockchain NFTs... where you can expand your definition of the term "transaction".  Yes, it can be monetary reward of an investment and speculative resale of a collectible. BUT "transaction" can also represent value in new ways... unlocking a pass to meet athletes, or entry to a press conference, or an invitation to a zoom breakout room, or a VIP subscription ... anything...

6. SIL's data defines the value beyond demographics... to the BEHAVIORS that unlock revenue with brand sponsors and partners... including licensed merchandise and inventory management before / during / after events.

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