Top Twenty Topics around Marketing with Blockchain ...

New market forces require new marketing methods and new business models. Here are 20 topics for our discussion:

  1. Summary: Clarity, transparency and accountability to the marcom supply chain ecosystem of sales, marketing, communications, advertising, promotions, and all the forms of persuasion trying to be more relevant and valuable

  1. Goal: Understand and Deliver solutions to real problems around the needs for more time, more money, more capabilities, and more value.

  1. Beyond Craziness - Collectible NFTs are fun and some (!?) might prove to be valuable investments... but the underlying Distributed Layer Technologies provide so much more... and are now easier to apply with the convenience of proven platforms like NuArca Labs at

ConAgra's Slim Jim Collectible NFT
Beyond the PR spin... is it selling?

  1. Optimize campaigns with faster access to more accurate data delivers tailored recommendations, content, offers, experiences, AND simultaneously forging trust with customers WHILE protecting their data.

  1. Solve huge work flow problems within today’s digital marketing ecosystem, such as data discrepancies, the challenges of an opaque supply chain, $35 billion ad fraud problem, and a more automated ad make-good system

  1. We are entering an increasingly privacy-conscious world. With data breaches or uncannily accurate marketing messages, consumers are becoming more sensitive to how their data is being used.

  1. Smart Contracts - self-executing agreements - can be pre-encoded with guidelines to evaluate impressions, ensuring that each one meets a common standard. This allows for uniformity in data requirements while providing greater assurances that advertisers are only paying for genuine impressions that were served in verifiably viewable environments.

  1. An immutable, distributed ledger, blockchain can automatically deliver all campaign stakeholders a full, standardized view of all transactions taking place in real-time.

  1. To quote Shelly Palmer (he gets 3 topics!), “In a world where everything and everyone is represented by data, those who are best at turning data into action will win, and those who  do not have access to it or cannot make it actionable will lose.

  1. Since the volume of data already exceeds the human capacity to comprehend it, and the velocity of data is increasing and will always increase, your ability to make evidence-based decisions will be directly proportional to your level of literacy in the fields of:

  1. (a priority list) Distributed ledger technologies, artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, data science, computer science, automation, robotics, data privacy, cybersecurity, and the role of regulatory agencies.”

  1. Creativity should be even more flowing with the truth. This is the most important topic in this list... buried in the middle to surround us with fodder.

  1. The wise companies will work with Government for data protection frameworks.

  1. Brands, advertisers, publishers, and regulators maintain an end-to-end view of the entire history of given data points with a full view of how, when, and for what they were used. Blockchain eliminates the need to trust in (or have to wait for) a central authority or an independent third-party. 

  1. Portability of consumer data and enable secure data processing through capabilities such as audit trails and traceability, and the use of consensus mechanisms.

  1. So... Get ahead of European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation… and California’s Consumer Privacy Rights Act - these have catalyzed a widespread revision of existing data collection, management, and analysis processes across every industry. 

  1. As a distributed ledger, blockchain can offer a decentralized network for marketers to leverage, mitigating the threat of data breaches and potential cyber compromise


18. By spreading processing activities across a network of systems, blockchain eradicates the possibility of a central point of failure on an infrastructural level and distributes risk such that even if one area of the network is attacked, the entirety of its operations cannot fail and security can be preserved.

  1. Pairing blockchain with other security mechanisms such as differential privacy and federated learning adds an extra layer of protection, allowing companies to securely collect and share aggregate data about user habits. With these technologies, marketers can continue to leverage consumer data to deliver personalized marketing messages while keeping personal identities secure and ensuring that the compliance process remains transparent and accountable.

  1. Data Integrity… is key and controversial (who builds and decides?)

Harnessing trusted, high-fidelity data that has been procured in a compliant manner is not just vital in empowering marketers to effectively understand and engage their consumers, but also in ensuring that media budgets are not unnecessarily wasted.

More? There's always more.

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