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The 3,000+ member Serial Marketer hosted a discussion for Marketers that want to learn how to leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain's distributed ledgers, NFTs,  etc.

Series:  Customer > Brand > Tech ...  in that order?

This Salon: NFTs for Marketing... Beyond Collectible Craziness!

Join our very open Q&A with marketing media tech leaders Shelly Palmer and Todd Cooper from NuArca Labs...

Watch the replay here or on YouTube

This was the summary slide:

  1. NFT Management Platforms can uncomplicate the barriers

    • Accessibility to Decentralized Ledger Technology

  2. Creative toolset - similar … and better

    • Accuracy and Security of Data

  3. Smart Contracts = Self-Executing Agreements

    • Ownership & Distribution … Longtail for the whole dog

  4. Capture and accelerate new channels of business

    • Re-defines “Transaction” = Value = $, unlock access, etc.

Please reach out...  As you can see, I love to discuss Sales (oh, pardon me... I mean Communication Strategy!)

David Cutler - Partnerships
617-331-7852 david@nuarca.com

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