The nonprofit 501c North Shore Technology Council (NSTC.org) is the catalyst for entrepreneurial development around the globally-focused Innovation Cluster based in the North Shore of Boston. 

Focusing on Advanced Manufacturing, Bioscience, and Sustainability, they have a growing interest in Blockchain's solutions for interoperability of supply chain, infrastructure, and a holistic view of interoperable technologies.

Todd Cooper, CEO of NuArca Labs shares in-market capabilities of his NFT Enabled Fan Engagement Platform that accommodates the ecosystem of participants in the Sports and Entertainment industries.

Todd, discusses the potential applications of NFTs in various industries, such as energy trading and fan engagement. He also explains the use of blockchain technology for creating and managing digital assets. The presentation covers the potential impact of NFTs on various markets and industries, as well as the challenges and opportunities associated with their adoption.

Here is the video of his presentation and Questions from attendees:

Please reach out to David if you have any questions or would like to learn more.

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