"UTILITY NFTs" are... DYNAMIC Tickets

For the Events Industry, Sports, Music Festivals and their fans!

Dynamic "Utility NFT" Tickets
Deliver Fun
And Function.



For this next evolution of Blockchain you will need your own SaaS platform toolset to onboard existing marketing programs PLUS creating new more effective "Web3" versions of fan engagement, customer service, and sales promotions.

UTILITY NFT Tickets deliver access to their seats and interactions with your other sales and marketing campaigns, sponsors, and Talent (where you have the rights).

Now any company can benefit from previously far too complicated blockchain requirements. NuArca Labs enables your marketing teams with powerful "Experience Management" tools to easily test, increase revenue, while delivering on your goals for customer engagement.

By accumulating more accurate data along the fan's journey, you reveal their needs and patterns across the community and with the talent they love.

Fans keep their NFTs in Digital Wallets... Think of them as superpowered communicator passports to add various functions that deliver ONGOING value to fans …

This is very Web 3.0...

People control their own data, content, and monetization. All while being automatically approved (thru Smart Contracts) as revenue-sharing business partners with venues, producers, sponsors, and the talent they love.

PLUS revenue share business models... that become a self-regulating marketplace for everyone to share in.

Reasons Why:

The easiest way to deploy your inevitable NFT future

(Keep control unlike network marketplaces)

Your own branded white label NFT platform

(Think Shopify meets Hubspot)

To amplify your existing campaigns

(And create new economies)

For real fans - not crazy cryptocurrency investors

(but sometimes both!)

PLUS no tech required!... because a Digital Wallet is seamlessly added to their first ticket purchase. Now you continuously accumulate preferences for automated and on-demand customer service that is relevant to the fan. Being relevant is everything.

For over 5 years, NuArca Labs has been perfecting an NFT Enabled Fan Engagement Platform

See UTILITY NFT Tickets in action at the Miami Crypto Experience conference - https://miamicrypto.world/

There are many types...

Here are 6 to inspire the functions of yours:


ATTENDEES - Dynamic UTILITY NFT Tickets are "souvenir passports" that accumulate preferences and deliver relevant opportunities before, during, and in-between events. Build-in valuable incentives, such as, repeat-buyer discounts or early-birds getting invitations to exclusive activities.


VIPS - Earn upgrades by making premium payments or taking action - voting, creating content, inviting others, etc. Automatically deliver access to special events, celebrities, level-up subscriptions, etc.


FANS - Preserve their piece of digital memorability... time-stamped that they were there! Feed them more physical/digital treasures by earning membership loyalty points that keep unlocking more. Invite participation in Quests and Journeys for deeper value and purchasing opportunities.


ART LOVERS - Each ticket is designed as a piece of art for collecting and/or displaying in a custom Digital Gallery or Storefront that you can provide your customers to show and/or sell.


INVESTORS - Revenue from selling in secondary markets and beyond. Each NFT is time-stamped with historical or commemorative market significance. Verify origin and track previous ownership with immutable accuracy and security.


BUSINESS DEVELOPERS - Accuracy of data helps with customer service as much as preventing fraud and scalping (one ledger means one ticket per seat). All partners receive an easily designated revenue share percentage of all revenue including secondary sales and beyond.

Ask me how Smart Contracts automatically execute new quality deals that you don't have to approve or manage (another example of the value of Decentralization).

Please reach out to talk about how an end-to-endless Platform can let you exceed your fan engagement goals

Dynamics UTILITY NFT Tickets platform can easily help you now and next.

David Cutler NuArca Labs

NFTs Now And Next www.NuArca.com david@davidcutler.net

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