How Dynamic NFT Tickets are... Dynamic

For the Event Industry, Sports, Festivals, and all ticketed gatherings

"Dynamic NFT Tickets" are better than static digital tickets ...


Dynamic NFT Tickets are the next evolution of blockchain. They deliver ONGOING value to buyers … and marketable data to sellers, owners, producers, festivals, venues, etc.


If you are responsible for increasing the value of your customer relationships, NuArca provides a proven platform that can accommodate your goals for deeper, creative methods of fan engagement, customer service, and promotions.

Buying and selling digital collectibles is just the start… Let’s get Dynamic!

For over 5 years, NuArca Labs has been perfecting an NFT Marketplace Management Platform for any company to benefit from previously far too complicated blockchain requirements. Now, with a no-code toolset, you can easily integrate distributed ledger functions with your existing business systems, marketing services, content, merchandise, etc.

How are Dynamic NFT Tickets better?...
  1. Sell more tickets loaded with more multimedia value to provide long term customer services before, during, and between events
  2. Provide fast and secure entry to live and virtual events ... as easy as scanning a QR code
  3. Automate live and remote in-event purchases via traditional credit cards for a seamless and convenient experience for both seller and consumer
  4. Push updated event codes for communications, promotions, directions, alerts, fun!
  5. With a digital wallet automatically included, easily deliver the complex functions of decentralized ownership and distribution.

With success in the international Financial Industry, NuArca is also known for more complete security functions around regulations, privacy, and scams (unlike the current open marketplaces where even crypto veterans are being ripped off).

See Dynamic NFT Tickets in action at the Miami Crypto Experience conference - 


There are many types...

Here are 6 to inspire the functions of yours:


ATTENDEES - Access to a temporary event seats or permanent physical/digital locations. Consider these as "passports" for long-term engagement across multiple events and activities. Build in valuable incentives, such as, early-birds getting access to exclusive activities.


VIPS - Get upgraded by taking action, premium payments, or unlocked from other data fed opportunities. Get entrance to special events, celebrities, level-up subscriptions, etc.


FANS - Preserve your piece of digital memorability. time-stamped that you were there. Get more physical/digital treasures by earning membership loyalty points that keep unlocking more. Invite participation in Quests and Journeys for deeper value and purchasing opportunities.


ART LOVERS - Each ticket is designed as a piece of art for collecting and/or displaying in a custom Digital Gallery or Storefront that you can provide your customers to show and/or sell.


INVESTORS - Revenue from selling in secondary markets and beyond. Each NFT is time-stamped with market significance (historical, commemorative). Verify origin and track previous ownership with immutable accuracy and security.


BUSINESS DEVELOPERS - All designated parties are updated with reports and receive a revenue share percentage of secondary sales and beyond.

Please reach out to talk about your plans for customers and how Dynamic NFT Tickets can easily help you now and next.

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