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Combine & Align for Velocity of Trust

The Truth Refinery is where we educate, innovate, and celebrate the latest opportunities between our businesses, technologies, and Society.

Here we consider how to combine and align multiple elements into unified solutions for re-building technology infrastructure and modernizing business models.

We are talking about Enterprise Blockchain (not Bitcoin cryptocurrency).

At the core of The Refinery is Blockchain DLT - defined as "a globally shared and secure spreadsheet"... Bitcoin is one iteration... but there is so much more.

Blockchain's Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is a more effective method of sub-system architecture across enterprises and ecosystems, supply chains, partner integration, AI, machine learning, bot interfaces .... and lots of other applications... but not for everything. 

DLT is most relevant where "Velocity of Trust" is a valuable asset and market differentiator (hence, Financial and Insurance deployments). 

Per the metaphor, the chain is only…

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