The Truth Refinery is a union of tech veterans and multimedia creators, artists, scientists...  with just enough in common to agree how to fix the Digital mess we helped create. This is where we educate, innovate, and celebrate the latest opportunities between our businesses, technologies, and Society.

Our goal is to highlight the most trusted insights on Distributed Ledger technologies, Enterprise Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, NFTs, etc... for Creators and Business Developers.

Here we consider how to combine and align multiple elements into unified solutions for re-building technology infrastructure and modernizing business models.

We are talking about Enterprise Blockchain, and also that  crazy Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

At the core of The Refinery is Blockchain's Distributed Ledger (DL) technology - defined as, "a globally shared and secure spreadsheet or ledger"... Bitcoin is one iteration... but there is so much more.

Industries now have a more effective and decentralized method of sub-system architecture across enterprises and ecosystems, supply chains, partner integration, AI, machine learning, bot interfaces, etcetcetc. 

Decentralization provides a democracy around data so we can actually discover The Possible

Blockchain DL is most relevant where "Velocity of Trust" is a valuable asset and market differentiator (hence, Financial and Insurance deployments). 

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BIG QUESTION: What skills does every professional need around them? Linkedin has the best data on their most recent list... and "Blockchain" is #1...!

Per the metaphor, the chain is only as strong as its weakest link ... we all need to share, learn, test, and iterate together - across departments and our business ecosystem.

No silos on our watch. We are all connected... let's act this way. One step towards this is joining an industry organization, like with our friends at the Boston Blockchain Association and the international Blockchain Expo.

Click to enlarge the below flow chart from the World Economic Forum report to make a quick initial assessment of whether blockchain is the right solution for your needs:
For all you nerdy naysayers that believe a distributed database is all you need, read this POV that explains the UNIQUE value of Blockchain. You will also appreciate definitions to clarify the latest terminology around:
... transaction consistency in a datastore... allowing for the (all important) data integrity... auditability, atomicity, linearizability, durability,  lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my.

NuArca is a Truth Refinery Partner.

Let's look at how they combine and align to be an innovation engine...

They provide a Venture Studio with the People, Platform, and Processes to enable trusted connections and transactions on a trustless global internet.  
NuArca delivers Velocity of Trust to Joint Venture partners that want to more efficiently and effectively disrupt their markets. 

The "New Arcs" of NuArca are between your immediate improvements, business transformation, and unified industry-wide Network Effects.

Nuarca has two integrated processes:

Nuarca ODE - Ownership Distribution Engine:
- Preparing your data, onboarding, tagging, and storing
- Deployed on Distributed Ledger Technology Blockchains with smart contract rules

Nuarca CMX - Content Management Exchange:
- Ownership of content as it evolves
- Management of distribution and relationships. Often a  commerce marketplace.

Here are some images to help us discuss NuArca... (click to enlarge):

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