Ready for a good line?... Blockchain's decentralization provides a democracy around data so you can actually Discover.. "The Possible.”

Here at the TruthRefinery, we focus on real-world applications of this philosophy of Technology that will lead to the full realization of connected Network Effects.

Yes, this sounds dramatic. For a good reason... 

The next several years will see massive waves of change in markets and fundamental underlying tech architecture... Such as; Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Enterprise Blockchain. What is your path for adaptation or extinction? Will you be part of it? A leader? Playing catch up?


Leverage Web 3.0 tech with a Marketing 3.0 mindset …Where your customers can manage their own data, identity, and monetization… Allowing them to be investors, members of a club, brand shareholders, AND participants in loyalty programs.

As we conjure and collaborate on new ways of thinking about these new methods and new models, a prerequisite is to believe changing your mind is a strength.

The challenge is to both acknowledge and eliminate inefficient redundancies across your business. Know this will disrupt careers, fiefdoms and defensive silos. Remember the goal is unified, efficient and effective engagements with people and processes.

Your opportunity is to disrupt your department, then your industry.

With the right deployment of Enterprise Blockchain, everybody has a copy of a Distributed Ledger being built, used, and shared. The process applies a “consensus algorithm” that approves all real and accurate transactions. This eliminates wasteful bottlenecks and selfish bias of a central hub. 

The power of Blockchain comes from the combination of: Neutrality (just like there is no CEO of the Internet), Immutability (all changes are saved), and a unique network self-evaluation mechanism (so we don't have to).

Smart Contracts

Today, contracts are designed to accommodate existing relationships. Most add to the complexity of a relationship, lock controls, and limit iteration and invention. Blockchain includes the ability to create “Smart contracts” that also adhere to your rules (min requirements, max revenue share, etc) BUT ALSO allow new relationships to be made without central approval. 

Smart Contracts can be shared exponentially across the world because they are safe with pre-set parameters that can engage new relevant prospects. Think of a good ol' jukebox that independently and automatically plays your tune when you drop in the right coins. A Smart Contract facilitates, verifies or executes the terms of a contract... Now deals can grow exponentially wherever they should - shared freedom, shared inspiration, shared revenue.

Win-Win is an understatement. These capabilities allow for more than mere scenario planning... you can have a persistent, holistic view of all stakeholders AND a method to make better decisions or allow risk-free automated actions.

This new seamless accommodation, in an automated system, reveals AND enables unpredictable arrangements and opportunities across internal departments and partner models 

Together, we can literally
Discover The Possible

Your path to profit starts with starting. Yes, there will be fast results as your processes and data are mapped to acknowledge redundancies and the most efficient workflows. However, the goal is to benefit from synchronized alignment and efficiencies across your company and entire ecosystem for an industry-wide "network effect." 

An example is how NuArca creates "New Arcs" between your specific improvements and a true Ecosystem Exchange.

3 reasons to deploy with Enterprise Blockchain:
1) Direct Value - Save money fast with less duplication and optimized automation
2) Indirect Value - Leverage this agenda to learn, differentiate, associate, promote
3) Participate to discover The Possible with an accelerated Network Effect

Trade Agreements are a good example of looking beyond the frictions usually associated with progress and collaboration - Pathways are opened and deals are structured ... but connections are allowed to expand beyond expectation.  Opportunities are exposed. Value is created. Economies discover Their Possible.

The concept is Metcalfe's Law, where the network effect is an increase of value with each additional connection. Give each connection the power, approvals, shared goals and wisdom to be its own (decentralized) business... this is what Enterprise Blockchain enables.

To illustrate the point (Ha!):

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