NFTs, Crypto, and the Metaverse - Pulling it all together

Thanks again to the Boston Blockchain Association for another awesome free session to inform and connect us to what we need to pay attention to for our companies and careers!

Please join the BBA for fun and function... we need your opinions, ideas, questions, and push-backs... for you, your company, and your industry. 
ALL are welcome. as you see, here is last night's attendee poll results:

NFTs are the hot gooey center of blockchain innovation: part art, part science, part finance. We are thrilled about the all-star panel we've pulled together to discuss how NFTs work from these 5 perspectives:

Watch the full 60 minute replay:

(Free with email registration) 

Moderator, John Hargrave, BBA co-founding Board Member, Marketer, author, and Metaverse Maven (I just made that up).

Fanny Lakoubay, an NFT advisor to art collectors, startups, and artists (and creator of the fantastic NFT Weekly newsletter):

Julien Genestoux, the founder of Unlock, the NFT-based membership platform for creators:

Jimmy Haight, a New England-based entrepreneur who's building Aloy, an NFT company for the hospitality industry:

Eric Schwertzel, who creates hybrid fan engagement events across real life and the metaverse, enabled by NFTs:

Thanks to our partnership with Eric, this event will be presented in conjunction with the Miami Crypto Experience conference:

Of course this event was simulcast in the Metaverse, which you can access here:

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