Your Brand's plan? (and NFT testing)

Who is helping you experiment with artificial intelligence, Internet of things, blockchain, and of course NFTs?

It's crazy out there... We all need help.

Who are your trusted challengers for your Brand's strategy and tactics?

From my experience, the best way to start is to enable and empower your team ... and agencies, partners, vendors,... Of course, including your customers, your fans, your Creator Economy.

So, what you really need is a technology AND Talent management service!

Consider NuArca's NFT Marketplace Management Platform. 

Branded NFTs offer passionate customers collectible virtual goods that generate brand engagement, unlock new experiences, foster a passionate community, add new revenue, and will be critical assets for upcoming virtual worlds.

Excerpt on why innovation matters in Marketing:
Marketing can spend on proven channels—so why waste resources? Brands can easily execute search ads and display ads and get a calculated proven rate of return. Why innovate in such new waters when the mass market isn't ready? The obvious answer is to be first, learn from innovation techniques, and plant a flag for future endeavors. Oh, and PR, yes, the PR.

You know I'd love to discuss your options, anytime...


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