Blockchain Reading List


The more you learn about Blockchain the more complicated (and valuable) it becomes for your business and how society interacts.

Stay Curious.

The below Reading Lists will catch you up... but to get ahead, we should talk.

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The Blockchain Process is a moving target. The Blockchain Promise is the bullseye.

As you learn and share, try to FEEL the fairness in the business models around Smart Contract NFTs. Be INSPIRED by the Democracy of Data without brokers and borders. You are EMPOWERED to Discover the Possible for your career and every business.

Remember that the key is not what blockchain is... it's what you can do with it. 

The goal is more interoperable efficiency across the increasingly connected supply chain ecosystem of communications and business practices. Web 3.0 is already proving value in this Era of Alignment with Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, and Blockchain's Distributed Ledger applied to NFTs.

Some of the below list is compiled by our friends at NuArca Labs. Their in-market, proven platform has made it actually easy to deploy... they have taken away most of the barriers that you will be reading about!

Below are 3 Levels of Reading Lists: 

  1) Introduction and Overview of Possibilities

  2) Deployments and Implementation

  3) Advanced industry direction, interoperability, and standards

1) Introduction and Overview of Possibilities

Try not to get distracted by the current crypto craziness of investment gamblers and flippers. The underlying benefits of Blockchain are very real and are already making transactions of value more efficient and effective. These are a start before you take a free course at 101 Blockchains and the DeFi For Beginners YouTube Series (Start with Tools)

  1. Funky, fun, and surprisingly accurate video with lyrics from Saturday Night Live

  2. Cryptocurrency and Blockchain explained by 3Blue1Brown - YouTube

  3. Blockchain: One Concept in 5 Levels of Difficulty - WIRED - YouTube

  4. The current value of cryptocurrencies and Shelly Palmer’s definitions and resources

  5. 58 Big Industries Blockchain Could Transform

  6. Life After Google by George Gilder

2) Deployments and Implementation

Most of these are NFT articles on which means they are really editorial viewpoints pushed by an “expert” with an agenda. Still worth reading and filled with insights that will take the mainstream media a long time to wrap their mind around.  WSJ has reliable coverage. Investors rely on Blockworks.

  1. (Quick Read) Blockchain - Cryptocurrency, NFTs & Smart Contracts: An executive guide to the world of decentralized finance


  3. NBA Topshot Marketing Strategy - Cool cats, New Packs, Buy Sells - YouTube









  12. Our friends at the 501c

        are regularly producing free and fascinating webinars.
        Watch replays at


3) Advanced industry direction, interoperability, and standards

Software architects, Economic developers, and regulators will define the way that "democracy of data" evolves for the composability of interoperable data over decentralized systems (yeah, read that again).  

If that’s you, then here are the key entities for Consortia, standards, and our future.

  1. Global Blockchain Business Council

  2. Government Blockchain Association (GBA)

  3. IEEE Standards

  4. International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

Have Fun!

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