6 Tech Urgencies for Business in Pandemic Era Re-emergence

All 6 matter... let's focus on sustaining business models in #5:

5. Virtual Economies: The Crypto + Social Collision

The power of the crowd and blockchain-based economics are colliding. As companies scramble to identify opportunities, virtual spaces are becoming new grounds for radically different media and monetization structures using digital assets. Decentralized social media networks begin to transition from principle to practice, as cries for transparency, moderation, and control resound.

Key topics for leaders: Decentralization, De-Fi, Blockchain, Digital Assets (NFTs (non-fungible tokens), Cryptocurrency and Tokens), 5G, Metaverses, Tech Urbanism, Next Generation Social Media Platforms

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1. From Inclusion to Equity: The Business Case for Diversity
2. Blurred Roles: Hybrid Work is Here to Stay
3. Protection Matters: Pandemic-Era Data Policy
4. Redefining Wellness: Biometrics Go Mainstream
5. Virtual Economies: The Crypto + Social Collision
6. Renewables Revolution: Shifting Toward Sustainability