Blockchain Reality Check

Here is the state of thinking about blockchain from the "take it with a grain of salt" Gartner ... who obviously does not read this site and see that there are many "live production of blockchain initiatives"...such as with

But this is a reminder about a popular POV:

There are many blockchain providers in the marketplace, ranging from business consultants to technology specialists. This market covers service providers that are able to support clients in solving business problems and creating new business value, in order to integrate the solutions into the organization and sustain the new business venture. It is important to note that, due to the emerging nature of blockchain initiatives and the technologies, in addition to the fact that there are so few (if any) live production of blockchain initiatives, the value derived from the blockchain initiative is not technical in nature, but is the...creation of a new business revenue generator or a model for business efficiency for the organizationHence, business acumen and business strategy ideation capabilities are more important than technology skills to help clients navigate through the business environment uncertainties.

So, discuss The Hype Cycle