Updated Definitions of this thing called Blockchain


NOTE: We are planning a hub for definitions, insights, and applications at www.Blockpedia.io

Blockchain is a globally shared and secure spreadsheet for cloud accounting.

And More ...

A decentralized network of computers are recording data to display a chronological series of events on a transparent and immutable ledger system.

“Enterprise Blockchain” is not cryptocurrency… it is the missing link to ride this next wave of industry transformation. 

On the supply chain of your entire business, Blockchain is the end-to-endless single voice of truth of every asset, every workflow action/reaction, and every communication touchpoint.

Blockchain is security in a box... and a flashlight on inefficiencies.

How NuArca is defining Blockchain...

“NuArca - Establishing a World of Trust.”

We've been hard at work building the applications of Enterprise Blockchain as the enabler of immediate efficiencies, predictable results, extraordinary growth, and market disruption from industry-wide network effects.

NuArca provides services with a proven single-platform digital tracking system using Enterprise Blockchain to leverage the multi-point acceleration of Network Effects (the more touchpoints the greater the benefit) to provide a real time, accurate, accountable, unalterable ledger that reduces risk, waste, and redundancies.

Together we can solve the problems that Blockchain is ideal for with a single instantaneous unalterable Distributed Ledger (DL).  This velocity of trust allows you to accelerate your progress by eliminating wasted efforts verifying requirements, approvals, and validations. 

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