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The goal is to highlight the most trusted insights on Distributed Ledger technologies 

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Keir Finlow-Bates once again inspires us with this helpful definition so we can position and differentiate. We are slowly getting closer to translating geek-speak for the C-suite!

"There is always more about #blockchain than anyone expects!”

#VR looks cool, #AI does exciting stuff, #IoT does useful stuff, but I don't think there is anything quite like blockchain when it comes to the sheer breadth and depth it covers.

You can spend days digging into the code, or nights discussing the societal and philosophical implications.

Consensus, ownership, value, transactions and trade, identity, privacy, autonomy, accounting: these are all multi-layered onions of concepts, and they are all touched and in the process of being transformed by blockchain."

Miquel adds this comment:

"Blockchain phenomenon go much further than other technologies. In fact, it is the first time in history that you can invest and develop a first-level protocol, because until now the Internet protocol IP was private and you could only access its second-level applications, both at the development and investment levels. On the other hand, Blockchain is "the heart" of the new Internet or Web 3 itself and, in addition, in the purest sense, it is collaborative thanks to the governance decided by its own creators and users of the protocol. Before, the rules of the game were established in a centralized (OS) and "autocratic" way. Today in Blockchain the user is "the king". The other technologies (IoT, AI, etc.) only modify or add value to the protocol, creating applications and uses unknown until now. But they are only new uses, they are not like in Blockchain "the heart" on which other technologies and applications work!"


The World Economic Forum's outlook on where we are headed in 2021: digital identities need more regulation, established institutions are leveraging crypto and blockchain to improve business processes, the trend towards more inclusion is growing and that we are all becoming more accepting of decentralized systems. 

This last point is the most important. It reminds me of good parents... they let their children go out into the world (with smarts... like smart contracts!) to grow and discover opportunities!

However, here are very few regulations or industry standards to prevent fragmentation of technical solutions, protect privacy or promote inclusivity, interoperability and portability – all essential principles – for digital credentialing beyond time-sensitive use cases.


Anthony Day shares his enthusiasm for IBM Blockchain... and it's momentum.

We all need his version of considered optimism that you will appreciate in his posts and Blockchain Won't Save The World Podcasts (and his annual "Roast of Blockchain" episodes")


Overview and Presenters:

My Highlights:

  • #1 focus is Supply Chain
  • Say “Interoperability” more often
  • Leverage Peer to Peer Tech and Smart Contracts
  • Reference EDI connections and improvements
  • Combine with AI/ML and IoT
  • Corda says they are deploying more than Hyperledger… but they are a sponsor 
    • and other slides show they are after Hyper and Ethereum
    • CEO Richard Brown is using the term “confidential computing”

Key takeaway and recommendation from panelists:

Now is the time to communicate with the non-technical c-suite

“Address the human side of tech adoption”

See screenshots of Polls, Standards, Predictions, Deployment Stages, ...


Blockchain 50: The Innovators Using Blockchain & Crypto To Transform Industries 

I created an editable GSheet for our ranking and comments at: 

The first lesson is in those Category titles.


Perhaps we can trust this good new-fashioned "magazine" like CoinTelegraph's  post:   

There is a surprising support around Deloitte's Blockchain Trends for 2020  


Q3 2020 Blockchain Landscape 

- Ecosystem breakdown starts 19 minutes into the below video

"39% of global companies have Blockchain in production (up from 29% a year ago"

Deck PDF

Landscape Roundup PDF

Topian Networks has a roundup of industry leaders and influencers -


A note to the industry about who to work with: 

We have "NO SALES ZONE" sessions to select the leading tech solutions, stacks, vendors, consultants (and most relevant Netflix series). This must be, of course, managed by our most reliable sales people...

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