The Future is so Bright...

 ... and these are not rose-colored sunglasses...

We have been helping our most techie friends at Marketing Agencies get closer to their client's real needs ...because it's important (and their competitors are). 

You are invited... it's like an improvisational jam session... with a solid foundation groove...

Two key and connected areas - technical infrastructure for digital transformation SO YOU CAN promise more responsibility for your contribution to increasing sales.

The opportunities are huge

The technologies are hard

Did you hear the trumpets crescendo? They are announcing your contribution to your clients and your more ambitious prospects ... they are blaring about Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and the kind of new technologies that are the missing link to a holistic, single platform across companies and ecosystems... like Enterprise Blockchain. 

We can finally live up to our promise of the term "future-proofing" because these new systems are accountable, transparent, secure, unalterable AND exponential with automated mechanisms for business development like Smart Contracts.

See my short riff at this post about a new philosophy of technology and the democracy of data SO YOU CAN discover the possible.

We are learning all this while working with Venture Studio tech partners that have a proven platform and processes in the market ... now... ready... 

You are invited. Let's jam. 

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