Actions For Reactions

This is a "Channel" of Enterprise Blockchain Industry actions ... for our reactions.

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A note to the industry about who to work with: 

So... it is just about time for our industry's next step (according to the "History Repeats itself" timeline) ... the NO SALES ZONE sessions to select the leading tech solutions, stacks, vendors, consultants, and most relevant Netflix series. This must be, of course, managed by our most reliable sales people...

As a Sales Coach who is a Trusted Challenger, I want to know and share the stuff that works!

So, where are you in what happens with new tech? 

Here is the usual flow:

  1. Tech <> Need
  2. Startups break-in and validate
  3. Investors rally and saturate
  4. Corporate Consolidation
  5. Scale
  6. Find it at Marshall's


Who do we listen to that does not have a self-biased agenda?

Perhaps this  good new-fashioned "magazine" like CoinTelegraph's  post:   

There is a surprising support around Deloitte's Blockchain Trends for 2020  


Q3 2020 Blockchain Landscape 

- Ecosystem breakdown starts 19 minutes into the below video

"39% of global companies have Blockchain in production (up from 29% a year ago"

Deck PDF

Landscape Roundup PDF

Topian Networks has a roundup of industry leaders and influencers -

More... as it happens... and gets discovered... 

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