Blockchain? To Discover The Possible

Blockchain... here decentralization provides a democracy around data so we can actually discover "The Possible.”

Everybody has a copy of a “ledger” being built, used, and shared. The process applies a “consensus algorithm” that approves all real and accurate transactions. 

This eliminates wasteful bottlenecks and selfish bias of a central hub. 

As usual, contracts are designed to accommodate existing relationships. “Smart contracts” adhere to your rules (min requirements, max revenue share, etc) BUT, as deals grow exponentially beyond the limitations of a central hub, they reveal and enable unpredictable arrangements and opportunity ... we can literally discover The Possible.

Your path to profit starts with starting. Yes, there will be fast results as your processes and data are mapped to acknowledge redundancies and the most efficient workflows. But, the goal is to benefit from alignment across your company and ecosystem for an industry-wide "network effect." For example, the New Arc of NuArca is between your specific improvements and a true Ecosystem Exchange.
So, there are 3 reasons to deploy with Enterprise Blockchain:
1) Direct Value - Save money with less duplication and optimized automation.
2) Indirect Value - Lead w/ your agenda, learn, differentiate, associate, promote
3) Participate to discover The Possible

One example is the mobile phone... we had no idea of the impact smartphones would have on ourselves and the world. innovators created (and early-adopters bought into) direct and indirect opportunities that have evolved into your hands and addictions.

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